MotoGP 21 test – A first step towards the perfectible and lazy next-gen

As almost every year since 2000, MotoGP fans are entitled to their own video game and 2021 is no exception to this rule. Available since April 22 on PC and consoles and still in the hands of Milestone, MotoGP 21 is it an episode as compelling as those of 2019 and 2020? Answer in this test.

Test conditions: Test carried out with the controller on PlayStation 5 and a 4K television for about 16 hours, time necessary to go around what the title has to offer while playing with the many parameters and running in the different categories available. Not owning the PS Plus, the writer of this article was unable to try out multiplayer.

A new generation always more realistic

As announced last February, MotoGP 21 wish to be ” the most authentic MotoGP experience ever Which swears by realism and he succeeded in this performance brilliantly. In addition to integrating for the first time a brake management system where their temperature has a real impact on driving, the gameplay is intended to be even more demanding and punitive than in MotoGP 20.

Too excessive speed, too slow or fast inclination, lack of braking, early acceleration, overheating tires, settings of the bike not completely optimized, the slightest error in judgment on the track and in the pits will be fatal to you, whether during free practice, qualifying or the race. A real happiness for ardent fans of the series, an ordeal for neophytes who, even by showing a lot of patience, using a maximum of driving aids and conscientiously following the various tutorials available to them , will have a hard time enjoying the game.

This episode also marks the arrival of the license on new generation consoles. For the occasion, the simulation gains greatly in fluidity and benefits from almost non-existent loading times as well as a real visual added value, especially when driving at night or during the day in dry weather on a wet track. A feast for the eyes.

Also note that the driving sensations gain considerably in realism thanks to the adaptive triggers of the DualSense. Unfortunately, the use of this functionality is not perfectly developed because the intensity of the force feedback can be too weak or too strong. In the second case, it can cause hand cramps in some people during long sessions. Too bad.

ANNA, what are you doing to us here?

MOTOGP ™ 21 20210424112502 2

Figurehead of the saga since its appearance in MotoGP 19, ANNA is making a comeback for the better… and especially for the worse. Indeed, for some reason that still escapes us, the 2021 version of neural artificial intelligence displayed rather disturbing behavior during our test. Rest assured, this is not the absolute disaster but we must admit that it had accustomed us to much better in the past.

Despite rare moments of lucidity, your opponents have a little too much of a tendency to believe they are alone on the track. An attitude which will provoke several times contacts and avoidable accidents, as well in the turns as in the straights. The more you lower the difficulty gauge, the more it will act stupidly by coming to place itself stupidly under your wheels or by not trying to avoid a crash in front of it. The more you increase it, the more aggressive it will be to the point of sometimes coming to mow you bluntly even if it means sending you into the background.

The race is therefore likely to turn into a bumper car tournament from the first lap. It quickly becomes annoying especially as the penalty system, which this year welcomes the long lap rule, only inflicts a penalty when going out of bounds of the circuit or when making a false start. Yes, you heard right, the gamer or the AI ​​can easily cause a huge pile-up by trying to damage their bike as little as possible without being penalized or disqualified. A shame for a simulation coming out in 2021!

Do you want more ? Still with the aim of offering a realistic experience, it is now possible to deactivate the “Automatic reappearance” option in order to trigger a sequence which will force you to run to your vehicle to recover it and resume the track after a fall. A nice addition that you will quickly do without when you find that your opponents do not have the same constraints as you since they can roll again barely a second or two after being the victim of an accident. It is not fair !

An update lacking tweaking and sold for a high price

MOTOGP ™ 21 20210422175745 3

For his first steps in the next-gen, MotoGP 21 Certainly offers some adjustments but ultimately no real novelty. Despite the integration of the junior teams in the Career mode, the replacement of the training programs by a list of weekend objectives offering more freedom during free practice as well as the presence of about fifty motorcycles that scored the history of the discipline, three historic circuits (Brno, Donington Park and Laguna Seca) and a customization editor as complete as ever, the developers have shown themselves to be complacent.

The historical mode has completely disappeared from circulation. The MotoE category is again absent at launch. The general production is satisfied with the minimum union with a modeling of the faces just correct, a simplistic staging, audio comments that do not release any passion and menus both refined and austere. As for the dynamic weather and the multiplayer in split screen, we can still give it up this year.

But the worst part is that Milestone did not even deign to take perfect care of the finish of his game. Among the few visual bugs encountered, the inability to use flashback at times, the fact that making adjustments to the motorbike does not waste time during free practice and qualifying but start a flying lap again if, the automatic piloting which can lead to the fall of our rider or the dynamic trajectory which is sometimes illegible or imprecise, the list of faults grows fast, too fast.

And as a reminder, this title is sold for € 50 on PC and Switch and € 70 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The next-gen patch is expensive MotoGP 20, You can not find ?

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