Movies and video games: Better protect youth from microtransactions –

The microtransactions that thrive in video games are dividing Parliament. Unlike the Council of States, National wants to address them in a new law designed to better protect minors.

Microtransactions are officially optional add-on purchases in video games. In fact, “they allow you to buy the right to continue the game at a very low price,” condemned Valerie Piller Carrar (PS / FR). “Playing the game without paying for microtransactions is like playing Monopoly without figurines and houses,” said Simon Stadler (C/UR).

Drug addiction and over-indebtedness

Thus, microtransactions increase the risk of addiction and debt for young people, criticized several speakers. Valentin Payton (Vert-es/VD) also pointed to sleep disturbances, overweight and vision problems caused by prolonged exposure to screens.

Thus, by 103 votes against 82, MEPs considered it necessary to better protect young people from these risks. Only a section of the right opposed this. “Parents are responsible for whether to leave a credit card to their children to pay for these transactions,” said Verena Herzog (UDC/TG). “It’s dangerous to delegate that responsibility.”

The case is returned to the House of Cantons.

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