Mozilla will start disabling FTP from Monday

Support for FTP links from Firefox will soon be transferred to other applications, as Mozilla will be phasing out Firefox’s FTP implementation.

A year ago, Mozilla announced its intention to deactivate support for FTP soon, but the foundation also indicated that this evolution would be delayed depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

In February, FTP was deactivated in the Nightly versions of Firefox and is currently deactivated in the Beta versions as well. For the general version, FTP will be disabled starting with Firefox 88, which is released on April 19.

FTP completely removed from Firefox 90

At this point, when Firefox encounters an FTP link, it will attempt to pass it to an external application. “In most cases where an extension can pass ‘FTP’, such as filters for proxy or webRequest, this shouldn’t cause an error, but Firefox APIs will no longer handle such requests,” writes Caitlin Neiman , head of Mozilla’s Modules Community, in a blog post.

“To compensate for this removal, FTP has been added to the list of supported protocol handlers for browser extensions. This means that extensions will be able to prompt users to launch a third-party application to handle certain FTP links. “

Two release cycles later, at the end of June, the Firefox 90 FTP implementation will be completely phased out. This will also have an impact on Firefox on Android. “FTP is an insecure protocol and there is no reason to prefer it to HTTPS for downloading resources,” said Michal Novotny, software engineer at Mozilla last year. “Also, some of the FTP code is very old, insecure and difficult to maintain, and we’ve found a lot of security bugs there in the past. “

Source: .com

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