MSI AM242 and AM272 AllinOne PCs and Monitors Introduced

This week MSI has unveiled its new allinone computers and is introducing the MSI AM242 and AM272 models. The systems are equipped with MSI’s exclusive Cloud Center software, designed to create a private cloud that allows you to back up files between mobile devices and allinone.

The cloud backup service supports both Android and iOS and can be used in combination with AM242 and AM272 series systems. Unfortunately, MSI hasn’t provided any information on pricing or worldwide availability yet, but as soon as information becomes available, we’ll keep you posted as always.

Allinone PC

“The Modern MD272 series provides eye care and an ergonomic environment for all users. It provides Full HD and WQHD resolution for a wider field of view and greater detail. With Less Blue Light PRO and Antiflicker technology, this monitor protects your eyes while maintaining vibrant colors. Featuring multiple convenient designs such as adjustable stand (with adjustable tilt, swivel, height and swivel), toolfree design, typeC display and 65W power delivery, builtin speakers, exclusive Productivity Intelligence (PI) app that supports KVM switch , the right display mode and userfriendly tools, the Modern MD272 was awarded the Best Choice Award 2022 and the German Red Dot Design Award 2021. It is the pinnacle of achievement in business monitoring that helps you expand your vision of the world.”

Features of MSI AllinOne PC

“Using the MSI Modern AM242 and AM272 Series AllinOne PCs is the best way to decorate your desktop, home or even home office as they are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional for studying or working at home or in the office. The innovative AM Series Modern AllinOne PC is designed to stylishly enhance visual comfort while performing computing tasks at home or in the office. Both models are equipped with MSI’s AntiFlicker technology, which eliminates flicker and effectively reduces eye fatigue caused by prolonged use while improving your productivity. Less Blue Light technology filters the visual impact of blue light during everyday use and provides the most comfortable viewing experience.”

“The exclusive cloud center allows users to backup and upload photos, videos and any other files between Android or iOS devices and modern AM242 and AM272 series allinones. Just one click and it will automatically back up all your photos and videos to the specific storage you want in a private intranet environment, providing a more secure private cloud environment. You can make these files available to your family or team members, or you can also make the files as private as you want and you are the only one who can access them. The decision is in your hands.”

Source: MSI

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