Mundaun, the horror on the alp in a video game in Romansh

In the video game Mundaun, the player plays Curdin, who returns to the Graubünden Alps from his childhood to investigate the suspicious death of his grandfather. An adventure that seduces with its penciled elegance, sepia contrasts and originality.

Mundaun is a Swiss horror video game in Rhaeto-Romansh with graphics made entirely in pencil. It is available on most media: Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac. Developed solo over many years by its creator, Lucerne illustrator Michel Ziegler, the game is distributed by Madison Wells Media Interactive (MWMi) in Los Angeles.

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Mundaun is a municipality of three hundred inhabitants in Surselva, in the canton of Graubünden. In Mundaun, the game is played by Curdin, returning to his childhood alp to investigate the death of his grandfather. An adventure that opens with a journey by postbus, certainly a first in the history of video games.

Thrills in the Graubünden Alps

Flurin Caminada perished in the fire in his barn. Father Jeremiah assures us that the body has already been buried and that there is no need to travel all the way to get there. A recommendation obviously not followed by Curdin, Flurin’s grandson, otherwise this horror story would not take place.

There, Curdin quickly finds that his grandfather’s remains are not where they are supposed to be. He will face a creepy little girl, a priest who is hiding something, some uninviting inhabitants and especially an evil old man who shakes his hand like one stirs embers.

The player solves puzzles, collects clues, collects tools and explores this sepia world entirely sketched out. Mundaun also offers wooden forklifts, vehicle driving and toboggan rides.

Swiss folklore in “tales from the crypt” mode

Mudaun stands out for the contrast between the beauty of the place and the eerie and evil atmosphere of the game. It is a splendid postcard with a terrifying detail, such as a beheaded goat or the entrance of a dark tunnel. , cold and wet, dug under the chalet.

This bias is deliberate on the part of Michel Ziegler. “I’m not passionate about making a horror video game that takes place in an already horrific place. I find it much more interesting to bring fear to this idyllic place, truly beautiful, with a unique nature,” claims the creator on SRF.

This game with a magnificent, sinister and disturbing atmosphere, suffers from some technical and gameplay flaws, but will manage to grip the amateurs of the genre with an atmosphere that could haunt them for a long time, perhaps even in their worst nightmares.

Antoine Droux / sb

The video game Mundaun, MWMi.

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