Muons, hydrogen train and interstellar objects: ultra-brief science news

The scientific news of April 8, 2021 is:

Basically: new results around the muon, an elementary particle, shake up our knowledge of the laws of the Universe a little more.

  • The muon can, like the electron, be conceived as a small magnetized spinning top when it is immersed in an electromagnetic field.
  • An enigma is formed around the magnetic moment of the muons.
  • The magnetic moment is a vector quantity which makes it possible to characterize the intensity of a magnetic source.

In kind: the first French hydrogen trains soon on the rails.

  • Launched in Germany in 2018, the hydrogen train must finally start in France.
  • 12 trainsets intended for four pioneer regions (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est and Occitanie).
  • A priori a commercial commissioning in 2025.

In space: 7 interstellar objects of the Oumuamua type would visit us every year.

  • Stars formed near a star other than ours would pass regularly in the vicinity of the Earth.
  • Oumuamua is a bolide of about 50 meters in diameter which has been considered, in turn, as a comet, an asteroid, a hydrogen iceberg, a fragment of an exoplanet or even an extraterrestrial vessel.
  • Seven such cars would cross the Solar System about one astronomical unit from the Sun, or 150 million kilometers, and “close” to Earth.

In archeology: human remains 45,000 years old reveal an ancient migration to Europe.

  • Genetic sequencing, including of a tooth and bone fragments, revealed an unknown migration to Europe.
  • Mixtures with Neanderthal populations would be more common than imagined.
  • Humans lived alongside Neanderthals in Europe earlier than previously thought.

In animals: a new species of cuckoo wasp discovered.

  • Researchers have identified a new species of cuckoo wasp.
  • The beautiful colors of these wasps have made them little stars on the Internet.
  • To differentiate them from the cuckoo wasps, the researchers looked at their language.

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