Musk December 1: When Elon Musk comments on US monetary policy

Published on 01/12/2022 at 12:28 pm

24 MASTERS WAITING FOR SANTA. Whether it’s the Twitter saga, his comments about the Ukraine invasion, or the US central bank’s monetary policy, Elon Musk has been coloring the news in 2022 and has more than once made people flutter in the financial markets.

We invite you to dive into the past year through a selection of quotes or facts from the businessman behind Tesla and SpaceX who never fails to fascinate or disappoint (depending on the circumstances).

With the 24 Musketeers Awaiting Santa Claus Advent Calendar, Les Affaires is offering you one Musketeer per day until December 24th.

On December 1st, we return to Elon Musk’s tweet urging the Fed to cut interest rates. “They greatly increase the likelihood of a severe recession,” he commented.

Fed chief Jerome Powell indicated on Nov. 30 that Fed rates should now rise more slowly, even if the fight against inflation is far from over.

“The time to slow down the pace of rate hikes may come as early as the December meeting,” he said.

To read more about Jerome Powell’s latest statements, click here.

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