Musk withdraws Twitter takeover bid: ‘We’re not surprised’

Withdrawing billionaire Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter could be just a way to lower his offer, according to an expert.

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“The idea is to have real details because he could subsequently modulate the amount he is willing to spend on the Twitter buyout. This can reduce the amount, because if we understand that 40% of the accounts are fake, it will lose its value,” says Bruno Guglielminetti, digital media specialist.

While this tactic seemed to surprise many people, this is not the first time the Tesla founder has used such a maneuver.

“We are not surprised, because it has already happened that he turned down an offer that was on the table, but obviously with the same enthusiasm that he had, and it seemed that the deal was approved by American pharmacies,” the expert said.

The original offer was $44 billion, but according to this specialist, if with more accurate data, Elon Musk realizes that there are more fake invoices than his original estimate, he could revise the price and save a lot of money.

“When we’re talking billions of dollars, if we can remove one or two, I think everyone at the table will be happy,” he said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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