Musk’s appeal against Twitter unveiled on Friday – Science et Avenir

A Delaware Court of Chancery judge will decide Elon Musk’s failed takeover of Twitter for $44 billion – about 43 million euros. She revealed that the billionaire’s appeal will be made public by Friday, August 5, 2022, possibly even this Thursday. Kathleen McCormick made her decision after Twitter accused the Tesla boss of wanting to release a 163-page document on Wednesday, preventing him from editing the company’s confidential information.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been suspended since May 13.

The social network received a copy of the appeal on July 29 and indicated that, under the rules adopted by the court, it is given five working days to edit the document. Elon Musk thought that three working days would be enough. The billionaire announced his desire to buy Twitter on April 25, 2022. On May 13, he suspended the operation, waiting, he said, to receive new information from the social network about fake accounts.

Musk and Twitter squabble over fake accounts

Elon Musk really believes that 20% of microblogging network accounts are not animated by real users; Twitter denies these accusations, defining the number of “bots” as 5%. The creator of SpaceX finally terminated the agreement to take over the social network in early July 2022, accusing the group of violating its contractual obligations, providing, in particular, erroneous or incomplete data on the number of fake accounts.

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