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– Posted on 11.28.2021, 21:46
– By Lionel B.

While all eyes are on Forza Horizon 5 or Call of Duty Vanguard, some titles unfortunately go unnoticed in November. It’s a shame, and while the games mentioned above are of great interest to us, we like to alternate between these type of AAA and less prominent titles. This is the case with Blue Reflection: Second Light, developed by Gust and told by Koei Tecmo Europe (Koch Media here), which has just been released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. We were lucky to receive the game a little in advance . , It is time to give you our opinion. He went !

Relationship is the foundation

Blue Reflection: Second Light is clearly a niche game and it won’t appeal to all audiences. First of all, the game is in English (with Japanese voices), and although the required level is not too high, some players will follow their path. So, you have to admit that the pace of the game is quite slow and that has been talked about a lot. If the story grows in power, with interesting revelations, the first few hours lay the groundwork and teach you the mechanics of the game (relationships between characters, fights, exploration). In Blue Reflection: Second Light, we meet three students, Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou, who find themselves transported to a mysterious school, remembering only their first names. You will have to look for clues and discover their past to allow them to leave the place.

Blue Reflection: Second Light mixes genres. Sometimes a visual novel, sometimes an exploration game, the title of Gust takes us on a mysterious adventure, the discovery of our heroes. But other characters will join our initial group, and we will have to meet and bond. The dialogues are therefore numerous, and it will be important to spend time with the different characters to unlock improvements, which are very useful in combat (increased health, new attacks). These game sequences (called dates) are quite enjoyable, even if some dialogue is fairly basic. But the most important thing will be to discover what the young women are doing in this mysterious place, and especially how to get out of it. This is where exploration can begin, and our heroes will descend into the Heartscape in search of memory shards. It will be necessary to discover and assemble the memories of each character, at various levels representative of their fears, their anxieties or simply their family stories. So we explored the different levels, looking for these fragments but also a lot of materials or food. Crafting is indeed important, just to create something to heal or boost your attacks or defense, not to mention the buildings installed at its center. Building and improving these buildings will allow you to acquire various bonuses for battles.

The exploration is quite linear, the levels are made up of corridors or very small areas. You understand, the enemies will be there to put sticks in your wheels. This is where the fight begins, with a fairly complete system. Bottom line: the fights are really cool and will feature up to 3 heroes (and a support one) against one or more enemies. The characters will be able to attack in turns by means of a dynamic system and an indicator in which the icons of each one appear and move. Be careful, enemies also appear and can attack at the same time, and can resist some attacks (or are, on the contrary, weaker compared to others). Therefore, the set requires a certain strategy, to attack at the right time and counter an enemy, heal, launch special attacks or use items. The indicator includes several levels, and we can expect to go up several levels to use more powerful attacks or to combine them. On the other hand, be careful not to wait too long, otherwise you will have a lot of fun. Therefore, we unlock new abilities during combat, with the possibility for our heroes to transform, all accompanied by well-organized animations. In boss fights, you will have to think carefully about what to do, and the victory is really rewarding. Having a healing hero on your team can save you a lot of trouble. This system is in the end really nice, dynamic, even with some 1 on 1 sequences, during which you will have to attack but also dodge.

At the end of each level, we go back to school, just to finish a few side missions and chat with the other girls. Even if the dialogues are sometimes too numerous, we become attached to our characters and their past, and the desire to discover the truth on the spot is there. There is always something to do in the game, between dates, building improvements, cooking, or even exploration. The feelings and personalities of the young women are revealed, and some are truly moving. Immersion is clearly at the meeting point, and each universe offers its own identity. Visually, it’s cute and colorful, but everything is often basic, whether we’re talking about textures or technique in general. Animations are sometimes stiff when exploring (crawling or climbing), there is aliasing, a lot of blurring in the background, and some bugs are reported. The fights are more elegant, with many very successful visual effects. Therefore, we must admit that despite a very beautiful art direction, the graphics are very PlayStation 3. Noise level on the other hand, everything is fine, with very beautiful music, sometimes moving, and Japanese voices in the hair.

A niche game that is not without charm

Blue Reflection: Second Light has strengths to affirm, but also some weaknesses that will deprive it from the public. Sometimes too talkative, only in English and visually traveled in many places (despite a beautiful and varied artistic direction), the title of Gust will chill more than one. But despite its flaws, the game manages to embark on a mysterious story, in the company of endearing herons. The lifespan is very good, the fights are great, and the many upgrades to unlock (for the characters but also for the school buildings) make you want to invest. We had a lot of fun exploring the different environments and leveling up our characters, all offering a teleportation system that avoids coming and going. If you still don’t dare to take the plunge, know that a demo is available.


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