“My internet connection”: an interactive map to find out the speeds and fixed technologies available to you –

The Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority presents its tool as a search engine. This takes the form of an interactive map that provides information on the territory’s network coverage (fiber, cable, DSL, satellite, fixed 4G, HD and THD radio) and on the speeds that can be obtained. All at different scales (local, municipal, departmental and regional).

“My internet connection”, an easy-to-use card

By entering the name of your city and your address on the tool, you will access the speeds offered by each technology mentioned above.

You can also view the rates of premises eligible for a particular technology or a specific flow in a city, department or region.

Currently, “My internet connection” includes data dating from the third quarter of 2020. This information will be updated shortly and Arcep wants to achieve a quarterly update rate by the end of the year.

My internet connection

Find our guides to find the internet offer (fixed and / or mobile) that best meets your needs depending on your coverage:

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