Nabilla stolen and humiliated, she complains: “It’s shameful!”

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Nabilla shared her latest misadventure on Snapchat on April 7, 2021. While she and her husband Thomas Vergara had ordered a Playstation 5 to give to one of their friends, the couple had the unpleasant surprise to receive an empty package … or almost. She explains : “We received a package, a gift it was a Playstation for our friend Stéphane so so far all is well. Except here we get the Playstation … and look at the Playstation …. ‘Ooh it was stolen’ and they replaced it with what? By bass. Well, this is the class. It is shameful. “

We just lodged a complaint

Don’t trust DHL anymore“Thomas adds, right next to her, We want to please a friend and that’s it. There we just filed a complaint against DHL and what are they telling us? Ah bah we’ll see what we can do … But it’s shameful!“Determined to be reimbursed for their stolen package, Milann’s parents therefore initiated legal proceedings against the company DHL. Visibly very embarrassed by the incident (and by its media coverage) DHL hastened to send a message to Nabilla on Twitter: “Hello Nabilla, we are sorry for this incident which in no way reflects our quality of service. I am writing to you immediately in DM.

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