Nabla, Smartway, Mobile opticians … French Tech fundraising this week

Nabla raised € 17 million

Nabla offers a medical application dedicated to women.

  • Sector: Beauty, Health

  • Investors: Artémis, firstminute Capital, business angels

Smartway (formerly Zéro-Gâchis) raised € 8.5 million

Smartway has developed a solution to combat food waste in stores.

  • Sector: Catering & Food industry

  • Investors: Supernova Invest, Evolem Start, HOLNEST, IDIA Capital Investissement, UNEXO

Mobile Opticians raised € 6.2 million

Les Opticiens Mobiles offers a platform for making appointments at home or at the workplace with opticians.

  • Sector: Beauty, Health

  • Investors: Amundi AM, Evolem Start, Investir & +, 123 Investment Managers

Ixcys raised € 2 million

Ixcys offers development, digital marketing and communication services.

  • Sector: Marketing & Communication

  • Investors: Aube Management, Sud Investissement Region

Acasi raised € 2 million

Acasi publishes an automated accounting solution for the self-employed.

  • Sector: Administrative, Legal, Accounting

  • Investor: Truffle Capital

Data Legal Drive raised € 2 million

Data Legal Drive is developing a SaaS for compliance with GDPR standards.

  • Sector: Administrative, Legal, Accounting

  • Investor: Lefevre Sarrut

Vybe raised € 1.9 million

Vybe is a neobank offering a payment card for young people aged 13 to 18.

  • Sector: Finance, Insurance

  • Investors: Business angels

Epycure raised € 1.8 million

Epycure sells food supplements and vitamins online.

  • Sector: Catering & Food industry

  • Investors: Founders Future, business angels

Altrnativ raised € 1 million

Altrnativ offers a data anonymization solution to minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

  • Sector: Security & Cybersecurity

  • Investors: Sipartech, MAP IBERIA INVESTMENTS SL

Joe raised € 1 million

Joe provides a split payment app.

  • Sector: Finance, Insurance

  • Investors: Business angels

cryptio raised € 840,000

cryptio is developing an accounting solution dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

  • Sector: Finance, Insurance

  • Investors: Draper Associates, ConsenSys Ventures, Outlier Ventures, business angels

Heex Technologies raised € 840,000

Heex Technologies offers data management SaaS for automated driving.

  • Sector: Transport

  • Investors: Wilco, Transvalor, Tomcat Factory, Techstars, Bpifrance, business angels

OneStock raised an undisclosed amount

OneStock publishes an omnichannel inventory unification software.

  • Sector: Distribution, Logistics, Retail

  • Investor: Silverfleet

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