Nacon Pro Compact review, Xbox controller and PC

We tested the Nacon Pro Compact controller for you, a great controller available for any budget.

If all consoles ship with at least one controller, it quickly becomes necessary to purchase an additional controller when you want to play a local multiplayer game. Even some PC gamers prefer to play games with controllers, especially car racing games.

Therefore, you must select a compatible controller. But between official Microsoft controllers, the price of which can be quite high, and controllers created by other manufacturers, it can be quite difficult to navigate. We offer you to test the Nacon Pro Compact controller, a good entry-level controller.

Nacon Pro Compact Controller Review for PC and Xbox

In the area of ​​joysticks, Nacon didn’t make it on the first try. We already had the opportunity to try another controller from this manufacturer, Nacron MG-X Pro on mobile devices, which we were very pleased with.

This time around, we’re back with a much more classic controller than the MG-X Pro, and it’s interesting mount system around the phone that gives the controller a distinct look.


The controller is quite easy to handle: conscientiously implementing the controls of the Xbox controller, players accustomed to the Green X brand will immediately find their bearings. Note, however, that the handles aren’t particularly large, especially when compared to Microsoft’s Xbox controller. In this, they are very reminiscent of the ergonomics of the Playstation controllers: players with large hands could be a little embarrassed.

Connection and settings

The 3m cable is very durable. The adapter allows you to connect the controller to Xbox Series X and S consoles, as well as to Xbox One and PC. The controller works under Windows 10 just like Windows 11.

The controller is also available in camouflage, green and gray colors.

In terms of appearance, this controller comes in four versions: black, white, green camouflage and urban camouflage. Something for every taste!

The Pro Contact app allows you to customize the joysticks as well as the sensitivity of the triggers to make your gaming experience as optimal as possible.

>>> Pro Compact app in Microsoft Store <<

Another nice thing is Dolby Atmos sound output from the controller with a 3.5mm jack, allowing you to get the best possible surround sound.

This controller is priced from €33.95 (white) to €54.99 (camouflage versions, only on Nacon’s website for now).

>>> Nacon Pro Compact controller black <<

>>> White Nacon Pro Compact Controller <<

Significant Arguments:

  • Compatible with PC and Xbox
  • various programmable profiles
  • attractive price
  • good comfort during use
  • multiple colors

Weak points:

  • only one user profile per console other than the default profile
  • buttons and joystick are a little tight

Balance sheet

This is a very good controller for both Xbox and PC gamers. Offering a fairly complete customization, this controller’s fairly low price makes it very suitable for gamers on a budget who don’t necessarily want to reach international competitive levels. With this controller, Nacon is probably giving us one of the best value for money on the market for Xbox and PC.


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