Nanox raises $ 20 million to deploy low-cost x-ray machine

Nanox start-up raises $ 20 million to democratize medical imaging with new, less bulky X-ray machine, reveals Venture Beat June 4, 2020. The roundtable was led by the South Korean operator SK Telecom which plans to deploy 2,500 of these devices in South Korea and Vietnam next year, subject to obtaining regulatory approvals. Most of these systems will be manufactured by the new Korean subsidiary of Nanox.

Reduce the cost of medical imaging

According to the World Health Organization, about two-thirds of the world’s population do not have access to medical imaging because the devices are very expensive. However, the use of this technology is essential for early detection of certain diseases, such as cancer for example, because it allows to visualize the interior of the human body. To answer this problem, Nanox has developed a new X-ray machine called “Nanox.Arc”.

Its interest is twofold. Firstly, it takes up much less space than a conventional scanner and can therefore be installed more easily. It weighs 70 kilograms against 2000 kilograms for a conventional scanner. In addition, it is expected to reduce the cost of medical imaging equipment from several million dollars to $ 10,000. The device is also coupled to the cloud-based software “Nanox.Cloud” which offers several services such as matching with radiologists, annotation of diagnostics, use of detection algorithm…

The device remains fixed

Nanox.Arc’s technology is the result of 15 years of development. Conventional scanners generate a three-dimensional image from a series of two-dimensional images taken around a single axis of rotation. To reduce costs and simplify the system, the young shoot created a case composed of micro-electromechanical systems (MEM) in silicon, that is to say an assembly of devices made from semiconductor materials. Unlike a conventional scanner that revolves around the patient, this device remains stationary and only scans the patient.

Beyond the planned deployment with SK Telecom, Nanox plans to make its device available worldwide in 2021. It has already signed agreements with Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, with the company Gateway Group in New Zealand, in Australia and Norway and with the American teleradiology company USARAD. Nanox was founded in 2016 by Hitoshi Masuya as part of a joint investment with Sony. After the withdrawal of the Japanese giant, the CEO of the start-up teamed up with Ran Poliakine and split Nanox’s activities between Japan and Israel.

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