Nantes start-up Beem Energy wants to democratize solar self-consumption

Install your solar panels yourself to produce and consume green electricity? This is the bet made by Beem Energy. Based in Nantes, the start-up has developed a modular kit that attaches to the wall or floor of a home. Plugged into an outlet, the kit’s microinverter converts direct current into alternating current so that electricity can be used directly.

A project started in 2019
“The objective is to erase the fatal consumption, that is to say the energy consumed by the devices on standby. A Beem kit of 300 watt of power makes it possible to produce the annual equivalent of the consumption of a refrigerator, a box internet, a hi-fi system and five led bulbs “, details Ralph Feghali who hears like this “democratize access to solar energy, while creating an unparalleled user experience.”

He has been working on this project since 2019 with Pierre-Emmanuel Roger and Arthur Kenzo. 18 months of R&D were necessary to develop this patented solution, for which they have registered the design. A dedicated platform makes it possible to monitor production and consumption in real time.

In GSB in the coming weeks

In September 2020, Beem launched the marketing of its kit, live, on the Internet. The solution is sold at € 780. If Ralph Feghali mentions having any “several hundred, especially in recent months”, the recent partnerships signed with Boulanger and Leroy Merlin should enable the start-up to accelerate its commercial deployment.

Awarded by French Tech at the last CES, Beem Energy also relies on a network of prescribers to lift the brakes around self-consumption. In Nantes, the start-up got organized to manage the assembly of its kit, the finalization and the shipment of the products. Supported by Imagination Machine, the accelerator of Californian Rob Spiro, the start-up employs around ten people. In the coming weeks, it plans to strengthen its sales and R&D teams.

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