Nantes: TimeAttack TrackMania Video Game Tournament during Fnac Gaming Tour

This Saturday, July 30, Fnac in Nantes will host a video game tournament as part of the FNAC gaming tour. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Video game lovers, mark this date in your diary. This Saturday, July 30, Fnac Nantes is hosting the ninth leg of the Fnac Gaming Tour, a major event organized throughout France dedicated to the world of gaming.

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arcade game tournament

During this Fnac gaming tour, there are video game events, meetups and tournaments from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. In Nantes, participants aged at least eight years old years, can Compete in the arcade racing video game “TimeAttack TrackMania” tournament.

The tournament will take place in a place reserved for the gaming zone. “This is the second event of its kind we’ve hosted in Nantes, the last time we hosted a Street Fighter tournament,” explains Yves Le Corre, director of product and technology at Fnac in Nantes.

Tournament participants will receive gifts from the production company ZQSD, which will host the stage in Nantes. “With this event, Fnac wants to make itself known and enter the PC gaming community,” concludes Yves Le Corre.

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