NASA Mars Helicopter Gets Update to Avoid Landing Hazards –

Part of the planet Mars consists of uneven and rugged terrain that is not suitable for NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which was instead designed for flat, rock-free areas. For my mission to study lake craterespecially rocky terrain, the helicopter has benefited from software update which should help him cope better with difficult landing conditions.

Jezero Crater is a rocky place and finding a safe landing site was difficult! This software update, using the downward-facing Ingenuity navigation camera, avoids landing hazards. Joshua Andersonresponsible for the operations of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars.

New camera software

Helicopter upgrade mainly consists of new camera software. First, he corrects navigation software present on the Ingenuity, which was designed to “assume it is flying on level ground”, causing it to lean when flying cross country.

A correction has been made to use Digital elevation maps of Jezero crater, allows navigation software to “distinguish terrain changes from vehicle movement. In addition to helping NASA find small airfields
to land the helicopter, it will also improve its accuracy.

The update also introduces a new danger prevention camera functionespecially when landing.


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