NASA restores communication with Orion spacecraft after communication failure –

It is worth remembering that the Artemis I mission is a test flight, the purpose of which is to test all systems of the SLS rocket and the Orion capsule before the first manned flight (Artemis II). It was Orion who had a communication problem, due to which communication with the Earth was interrupted for 47 minutes.

The capsule communicates with NASA teams through the Deep Space Network, a network of antennas distributed around the world that are used to send data to space missions. “NASA Mission Control, located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, unexpectedly lost data from the spacecraft at 12:09 pm CST for 47 minutes while reconfiguring the link between Orion and the Deep Space Network during the night,” explained in US space agency. .

“That’s why we’re testing,” NASA Assistant Administrator Jim Free tweeted.

Last week, Orion launched from Florida on a Space Launch System rocket. It currently revolves around the moon. NASA was able to re-establish contact with the capsule after making an adjustment from Earth. “The reconfiguration has been successfully completed several times over the past few days, and the team is investigating the cause of the signal loss,” the space agency said, emphasizing that the spacecraft is in perfect condition.

So far Artemis I is running smoothly. The return to Earth is scheduled for December 11th. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: NASA

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