Naughty Dog is looking for employees, the authors of The Last of Us 2 claim to work …

The PlayStation company is opening positions in all of its departments, from art to production.

The Last of Us: Part II

2021 begins and begins the recruitment period studies to work on your next long-term projects. Ubisoft Massive is looking for employees for this open-world Star Wars game they are working on and in The evil dog They are also on the lookout for developers, although the study of The Last of Us Part 2 and the Uncharted saga leaves no doubt as to the nature of their new project.

Via social networks, the official Naughty Dog account alerts the opening of many job offers in each of the California, United States study departments. Offers ranging from the editing department (videos) to programming, through art and animation, interface, quality control or design, among others.

We are creating something really cool! Neil druckmannThey also have open jobs the production department, which, according to Jason Schreier’s reports on Naughty Dog’s work culture, was just one of the study’s shortcomings. This, yes, if you expected to know details About Naughty Dog’s next game, no matter how small, bad news: none of the offers provide information on what the studio is working on, and Neil druckmann it just says, “We’re creating something really cool!” Those interested in applying for a position with the company can do so via this link.

The Last of Us 2, the Game of the Year (GOTY) of 2020

Surrounded by high expectations, and with a successful premiere for Sony, The Last of Us 2 was chosen as the GOTY 2020 at the last Game Awards Gala, along with 6 other Title Story awards given to performance by actresses such as Laura Bailey in the game. And following the game’s accomplishments, Neil Druckmann was promoted to co-chair of the studio. With such success, we will see what this Californian company surprises us in the future. But in the meantime, if you haven’t tried the game, here’s our The Last of Us 2 review.

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