NBA 2K21: MyTEAM season 4 is on

Game news NBA 2K21: MyTEAM season 4 is on

Launched in September by 2K Games, NBA 2K21 is the opus that makes the transition between the PS4 / Xbox One generation and the PS5 / Xbox Series X generation. Today, the studio announces the launch of the new season of My Team mode.

Named The Return, this fourth season is now available on all platforms where it is possible to play NBA 2K21. To motivate players to go through this new season, the developers announce that more prizes are up for grabs, more challenges are up for grabs, and stronger ties to the NBA season. In addition, the studio lists the main novelties, while inviting players to consult the official page of the season :

  • A new level 40 prize: the Kawhi Leonard Opal Galaxy card.
  • New NBA Moments challenges and goals linked to the return of the NBA season.
  • A new ‘Signature Kareem Challenge’.
  • New level in Domination mode: On Fire.
  • Score 3 stars against all 33 On Fire teams to earn an Antawn Jamison Opal Galaxy card. The formation of each On Fire team depends on their actual performance in the NBA (IRL).
  • New ‘Nostalgia Moments’ packs every Tuesday, each player included is tied to a specific iconic moment in their career.
  • New Russell Westbrook Opal Galaxy award if you win all 6 rings in My TEAM Limited and a Kevin McHale Opal Galaxy award for a 12-0 in My TEAM Unlimited Opal Galaxy League.
  • The Damian Lillard Opal Galaxy card will be available to all players who have added 2,000 cards to their collection.
  • Series II of the IDOLES collection begins in Season 4, players who have completed Series I in previous seasons earn a Chris Webber Opal Galaxy card.

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