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May 17 Update: Boston finally won and joined Miami in the Eastern Conference. In the west, the Golden State Warriors will play the Dallas Mavericks.

The NBA is a famous American professional basketball league. Particularly famous, this championship takes place in two parts. In the first, 30 teams (or franchises) compete in the regular season at the rate of one game every 2-3 days.

It is divided into two “conferences”: East and West. It is a closed league that does not have a promotion or relegation system like the French Ligue 1, for example. At the end of the season, there are playoffs between the top teams in each conference.

How to follow the NBA in France?

You have three choices to watch the NBA in France. Firstly, it is a subscription to beIN SPORTS, which broadcasts all matches live, has the NBA Extra program and other sports. You can also sign up for an annual, monthly, or even daily NBA League Pass to watch all the games.

Finally, there is Canal+ SPORT, a super-complete channel package that gives you access to beIN SPORTS, a linear channel dedicated to sports, Eurosport and Multisports. This is the best offer for fans of basketball (and just sports!), because with it you can follow both the NBA and other championships.

Offers Content Price

* All major Canal+ offerings
* NBA, World Cup, EuroBasket
* Access to beIN Sport, Canal+ Sport, Eurosport
and multisport

* 34.99 euros per month (with obligation) or
* 45.99 euros per month (no obligation)
* 22.99 euros per month (up to 26 years old)

* Full live matches
* Replay and video on demand
* Two simultaneous screens (in Premium)
* Exclusive content
* Complete archives from the 2012 season.
* Comments in multiple languages,
additional viewing angles during matches
* Compressed replay 10 minutes for each match

* 18.99 euros per month
* 27.99 euros per month for a premium offer
* 7 days free trial

* NBA and WNBA (Women’s Championship)
* Playoffs
* All star game
* NBA extra analysis show
* Access to other sports

* 15 € per month

On which channels to watch NBA 2022?

1. Canal+ Sport: The most complete package for watching sports

Basketball, football, Formula 1, rugby, MotoGP, tennis… whatever your sport, you’re sure to find it in the Canal+ SPORT package. The latter includes four linear channels (Canal+ SPORT, beIN Sport, Eurosport and Multisports), special programs, as well as replays that can be found on the myCanal platform.

In addition to the NBA, with this subscription you will be able to follow EuroBasket and the World Basketball Championship.

This offer also gives access to the group’s “classic” channels, namely Canal+, Canal+ Décalé, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Grand Ecran. As such, this is a very complete offer for sports fans, but it remains quite expensive nonetheless: 34.99 euros per month with a 1-year commitment or 45.99 euros per month without a commitment. Those under the age of 26 receive a 50% discount as always, bringing the subscription price down to 22.99 euros per month.

Subscribe to the channel + >

Briefly about the Canal+ SPORT subscription:

  • Subscription cost €34.99 per month and includes an annual commitment to Canal + SPORT. The optional offer is displayed at a price of €45.99 per month. If you are under 26 years old, you can use the subscription for only 22.99 euros per month without any obligation.
  • Allows you to follow the NBA as well as other basketball competitions and many other sports (football, F1, tennis, rugby, etc.).
  • The ability to watch Canal+ on TV via a decoder or stream via the myCanal app available on PC, Mac and smartphone.
  • The Canal+ SPORT package includes the linear channel Canal+ SPORT, beIN Sport, Canal+ Sport, Eurosport and Multisports.
  • The subscription also includes the following channels: Canal+, Canal+ Décalé, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Docs and the new Canal+ Grand Ecran channel dedicated to cult films.

2. NBA League Pass: Subscription for NBA fans

In France, you can also follow the NBA by subscribing to the NBA Pass League. For €18.99 per month you can watch all matches live in Full HD quality. You will also be able to watch up to 4 matches on the screen at the same time on the PC. Finally, broadcasts, archives (since 2012) and compressed replays are available to users.

The premium offer for 27.99 euros allows you to stream simultaneously on two screens. In passing, pay attention to the possibility of subscribing only for 1 day.

NBA Pass League is for serious NBA fans who can speak English.

Subscribe to NBA League Pass >

Briefly about the NBA League Pass:

  • NBA Pass League Cost €18.99 per month and allows you to watch all matches in Full HD. It also gives you access to broadcasts, archives (since 2012), compressed and offline replays, and multi-match viewing on PC (allows you to watch up to 4 streams at the same time). A 7-day free trial is available.
  • The premium offer for 27.99 euros per month allows you to stream matches live on 2 devices at the same time.
  • You can subscribe for a day for 4.99€.
  • Application on smartphone and tablet with match schedule, latest news and broadcast.
  • The service is available from a PC, smartphone or tablet. The application is available directly from some operating systems and TV boxes.

3. beIN SPORTS: The Most Affordable NBA Watch Offer

beIN SPORTS broadcasts sports on 10 different channels, including basketball. He has the rights to broadcast the NBA, WNBA, NCAA and LNB, as well as shows such as NBA Extra. We also appreciate its low price (15€ per month).

A small feature of this service is that you must subscribe to it through the myCanal platform or directly from your Internet box.

As you already understood, beIN SPORTS is a service that will allow you to follow basketball, as well as many other sports with popular competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, European Rugby Cup or Wimbledon.

Subscribe to beIN SPORTS >

Briefly about the beIN SPORTS subscription:

  • An optional subscription to beIN SPORTS costs €15 per month.
  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT programs can be found in the myCanal app.
  • Replays are available on myCanal.
  • The service is available on multiple screens (PC, smartphone, tablet, game console, smart TV).


The second part of the season, the playoffs, brings together the top eight teams from each conference in a dual tournament of the East on one side and the West on the other. The winner of each conference receives a place in the final between East and West.

Matches are played in a best-of-seven format, with the first of the two teams with four victories advancing to the next round.

This year’s playoffs kicked off on April 16th and were a huge hit with an audience we haven’t seen since 2011.

Here is the playoff table for this year:


Schedule for the first round of the Eastern Conference:


Miami Heat – Boston Celtics

17/05 – 19/05 – 21/05 – 23/05
if necessary: ​​25/05 – 27/05 – 29/05

Schedule for the first round of the Western Conference:


Golden State Warriors-Dallas Mavericks

18/05 – 20/05 – 22/05 – 24/05
if necessary: ​​26/05 – 28/05 – 30/05

Semi-final results:

Boston Celtics (4) – Milwaukee Bucks (3)
Miami Heat (4) – Philadelphia 76ers (2)

Memphis Grizzlies (2) – Golden State Warriors (4)
Phoenix Suns (3) – Dallas Mavericks (4)

Frequently asked Questions

Where to watch NBA in France?

To watch directly from France, there are two simple solutions: a beIN SPORTS subscription or an NBA League PASS.

How much is it ?

On average, a full beIN SPORTS subscription costs €15 per month, while the League Pass costs €18.99 per month.

How do I unsubscribe from beIN SPORTS?

For beIN SPORTS, simply go to ‘my subscription’, then ‘my options’, ‘my TV options’ and finally select ‘cancel’.

How do I cancel my NBA League PASS subscription?

Whether it’s a monthly or yearly subscription, all you have to do is request a cancellation from customer support directly from the contact form available here.

On which American channels can we follow the NBA?

All matches are covered by EPSN (whose subscription costs $5.99 per month). Some games are available for free on ABC.

How to get a free NBA League PASS?

NBA League PASS offers a free 7-day trial, after which you’ll need to subscribe.

What devices can I use League PASS on?

League PASS is available on computers, mobile phones, tablets, consoles and connected properties. You can find it on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, CarPlay, Apple Watch…

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