Near Lyon: in front of the police, they abandon their bag containing drugs

This Sunday night, around 11:35 pm, municipal police officers tried to control two people in a car in Vénissieux.

In view of the officials, the latter fled on foot, careful to abandon a bag containing 471 grams of cannabis resin cut into strips ready for resale.
Finally arrested on rue Georges Charpak, they were taken into police custody.

A search of the home of a relative of one of the suspects revealed 1.3 kilograms of cannabis resin. In this apartment on avenue du 8 mai 1945, the investigators also obtained the necessary equipment for the packaging of narcotic drugs.

The 18-year-old detainee admitted the facts and explained that he had been selling drugs for several months. In this way, he left his 20-year-old partner out of the question.

Therefore, the youngest will be tried this Wednesday afternoon, the other has been released.



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