Necromunda: Hired Gun An intro video that is seriously envious of

The universe of Warhammer 40,000 never ceases to give birth to more or less inspired adaptations as the lore of the Games Workshop license is vast. Necromunda: Hired Gun is upon us ladies and gentlemen and the opening cinematic will put you in the bath.

Taking a foothold in the darkest recesses of Warhammer 40,000’s most infamous hive-cities on planet Necromunda, a haven for scum, gangs and outlaws, the action will put you in the boots of a bounty hunter. Needless to say, the delicacy will not be there.

Once armed, equipped and cyber-upgraded (along with your trusty Cyber-Mastiff) you will set out in search of new targets to hunt in this industrial hell where the light of the divine Emperor struggles to penetrate. Load up your Bolter, the hunt begins soon!

Necromunda: Hired Gun intro cutscene

Available for pre-order on the Xbox Store, Necromunda: Hired Gun will land on your machines on June 1, 2021 on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The physical copies of the game will be released on June 30. Note that the dematerialized pre-order version has in-game bonuses. Sensitive souls refrain, it will bleed!

Want to know more about Necromunda: Hired Gun, it’s over here:

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