Neon White Slays Demons on PlayStation in December

Developer Annapurna Interactive has announced that the acclaimed and loved fast-paced first-person shooter Neon White is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS5 on December 13th. The news was first revealed on the PlayStation Blog, where game director Ben Esposito shared more details on what fans can expect from the release.

Originally released for PC and Nintendo Switch in mid-2022, Neon White aims to take full advantage of the PlayStation’s hardware, specifically the PS5’s SSD and 120Hz output capabilities. Esposito said the team knows performance is essential for such a crazy game. like Neon White.

Neon White is all about speed, so performance was one of our top priorities. It was important to us that the PlayStation 5 version run at 120Hz in all areas. When accuracy matters, high refresh rates matter.

We also made the most of the SSD system to significantly reduce boot times. It is important that restarting levels is as quick and painless as possible. If you want to beat your friends’ high scores on the leaderboard, you’ll be playing levels over and over again.

Neon White also implements haptics on the PS5 with adaptive DualSense controller triggers, linking abilities to the soul map and in-game movement systems.

Neon White also uses PS5’s adaptive triggers to make each soul card feel unique when you throw them, as well as when you throw them. In addition, the Haptics controller provides an additional layer of feedback.

You’ll feel it as you move faster through the water, and you’ll get a subtle confirmation when you successfully shoot a distant demon. Our goal was not just to make you feel cool, but also to give you the opportunity to develop a sixth sense.

You can add Neon White to your wishlist in the PlayStation Store. Stay with us to find out more.

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