NeoRuler modular smart ruler from $89

HOZO Design engineers and designers have created the NeoRuler smart line. Offering a ruler capable of meeting all your desktop measurement requirements with infinite customizable scales, units and 0.1mm resolution.

Functions of the smart ruler NeoRuler

Features include the ability to quickly switch between metric and imperial systems with a single swipe without numerous calculations, the most accurate display of imperial decimal numbers, fractional display in your hand, getting 90 builtin scales for maximum versatility, a customizable scale allows you to define your own scale when unscheduled , evenly divide the space of any length without any calculation and accurately mark on the drawing of any length and width.

NeoRuler smart line modules

Early installments are now available for the breakthrough project from around £89 to £74 (depending on current exchange rates).

neo pointer

“The very best measuring instruments are built around the everyday measurement needs of users. We listened to more than 500 opinions from users in the design, architecture and engineering industries. We allow beta testers to test the product in their hands and determine what they need: a 12inch long NeoRuler with the ideal weight. We value the quality and reliability of each device we produce. For every single NeoRuler component, HOZO engineers repeatedly test and carefully select the best materials to ensure product life and outstanding performance.”

pen holder

“The NeoRuler durability test is designed to simulate wear and tear on the NeoRuler’s mechanical components caused by users’ daily use. The test result shows that the NeoRuler is capable of over 18,000 continuous movements. A durable, highpressure aluminum alloy frame reduces harm when the NeoRuler is subjected to high loads or extreme pressure.”

magnifying glass

If the NeoRuler crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required target and the completion of the project goes smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around June 2023. To learn more about the NeoRuler smart line project, watch the promotional video below.

“From paper to CAD, digitize data with a single touch. Transfer the measured data to the MEAZOR app and continue further editing and drawing in the MEAZOR app without worrying about losing your data. Export each line to dxf CAD files. pdf. jpg. share freely.”

caliper measure

For a complete list of all available promises, additional targets, additional carriers and specifications for the smart ruler, visit the official page of the NeoRuler Crowdfunding Campaign using the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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