Netease acquires video game studio and publisher Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream joins NetEase Games and will continue to provide gamers around the world with high quality AAA video games.

NetEase, a leading provider of Internet services and online games in China, announced today that its gaming division NetEase Games has acquired Quantic Dream SA, the world’s leading independent video game developer. Quantic Dream, led by David Cage and Guillaume de Fondomière, will be the first NetEase Games studio in Europe, an important step in NetEase’s vision to support innovation and video game development worldwide. Quantic Dream will continue to operate independently, focusing on creating and publishing its video games across all platforms, as well as supporting and publishing games developed by third parties, while leveraging NetEase’s strong game development capabilities.

Quantic Dream is an award-winning studio founded 25 years ago in Paris, France. He is the creator of such iconic games as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. During The Game Awards 2021, the studio announced that it is working with Lucasfilm Games on a new adventure game, Star Wars Eclipse.

We are excited to enter an exciting new phase of development with Quantic Dream, united by our shared vision, mutual trust and respect.”
said William Dean, CEO and director of NetEase, Inc.
“NetEase will continue to deliver on its promise to help Quantic Dream reach its full potential. Combining Quantic Dream’s unbridled creativity and exceptional storytelling focus with NetEase’s powerful tools, resources, and performance capabilities, we believe there are endless possibilities that can redefine interactive entertainment. the experience we provide to players around the world.”

Today marks a major milestone for our studio after a quarter of a century of full independence.”
said Quantic Dream founder, CEO and writer-director David Cage.
“NetEase Games values ​​our creative freedom as well as the drive and passion of our unique and diverse team. Now we can accelerate the vision we share as a group to create impactful games that touch people emotionally. We have some very differentiated games in development and I truly believe Quantic Dream’s best achievements are yet to come.This acquisition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to rewarding all those who have made Quantic Dream the successful studio it is today.”

NetEase Games first invested in Quantic Dream three years ago.”
said Guillaume de Fondomière, co-CEO and manager of publishing house Quantic Dream.
“During this period, we had the opportunity to work closely together and we saw how much we are like-minded and complement each other. The acquisition of NetEase Games is a natural progression of this process and creates a unique opportunity to accelerate the growth of Quantic Dream by enabling our production and publishing teams to succeed.”

Quantic Dream specializes in making games with a strong focus on storytelling and non-linear stories that reward players with choices. The studio, which develops its own proprietary technologies, is also known for its pioneering use of motion capture to bring actors to life in a way never before seen in video games. NetEase originally acquired a minority stake in Quantic Dream SA in 2019.

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