Netflix: 2 films and series strongly recommended on Monday

Like every day, scans the Netflix catalog in search of the best movies and series to recommend to you. Quality content is legion in its offer and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

To start the week well, Enola Holmes and The Spy were selected by the editorial staff. Let’s see why these programs are worth a look.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix tonight?

An entertaining film: Enola Holmes

The feature film in summary

Enola Holmes, younger sister of the famous detective of the same name, lives alone with her mother. When the latter disappears, the young budding investigator decides to go in search of her. Which is not really to the taste of his two brothers.

CNET’s opinion

Inspired by the first volume of the novel series “Enola Holmes’ investigationsby Nancy Springer, the film stars Millie Bobby Brown – which fans of Stranger Things, know well – in the skin of the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. The ingredients that make the charm of the famous detective’s investigations are also in the feature film dedicated to his younger sister.

She never hesitates to explain her reasoning to the viewer at length by breaking the fourth wall. Let us salute the involvement of the actress who seems to be having a good time in this reenactment of the Victorian era. Enola Holmes brings a breath of fresh air to the Holmes saga and turns out to be a very pleasant family entertainment. It’s not the movie of the year, but a perfect production to chill out tonight.

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A thrilling series: The Spy

The series in summary

Born in Syria into a Jewish family, Eli Cohen immigrated very early to Egypt. But the persecutions quickly force him to pack his bags, heading to Israel this time. There, he developed an unconditional love for his host land. So much so that he even agrees to serve her as a spy. Eli is gifted, very gifted. He exceeds the hopes of his superiors and manages to infiltrate the nerve center of Syrian power, as close as possible to the powerful of the enemy country.

CNET’s opinion

A relatively unknown mini-series drowned in the mass of content showing on Netflix. However, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it as the returned copy is so convincing. The Spy takes us in the footsteps of Eli Cohen, seemingly banal employee turned virtuoso spy for Israel.

It is taken from a true story. Between 1961 and 1695, Cohen truly infiltrated the highest echelons of the Syrian regime, before meeting a tragic end. Here, he is embodied by Sacha Baron Cohen whose performance must be commended. Better known for his comedic roles than his talents as a dramatic actor, he still proves that he can excel in both registers.

In Chicago Seven Where The Spy, he plays characters far from his usual standards, and does it very well. The series finds the right blend of history, politics, espionage and feelings. The pace isn’t breathtaking, but she doesn’t need it to capture the viewer’s attention. The first episode leaves a little skeptical, we wonder if we will hang. Then The Spy gets to the heart of the matter and his plot from Israel to Syria, via Argentina, is a success.

We feel the paw of its creator Gideon Raff (Homeland), an expert in the field. Besides its impeccable execution, the suspense and the atmosphere also work well. The Spy shines above all because it paints the intimate portrait of a patriotic man, determined, gifted, but also full of doubts. Away from his family, but aware of being a key asset to his country, he will stop at nothing to serve it. Even if it means doing too much while taking reckless risks? Yes sometimes.

Eli Cohen is an exciting, multi-faceted character. The Spy, immersed in a historical period and a complex geopolitical context is worth the detour. It shows how a man could influence the destiny of several countries. His work was also recognized as essential in the Six-Day War, an Israeli victory over a coalition of Arab countries.

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