Netflix: 2 quality movies and series to watch on Monday –

Looking for a top-tier movie or series to watch on Netflix tonight? That’s good, recommends precisely two programs seen and appreciated in the SVoD service catalog.

On this occasion, The Lost City of Z and Santa Clarita Diet have already been chosen by us. Let’s see why.

What movies and series to watch tonight on Netflix?

A Very Good Movie: The Lost City of Z


Renowned British Colonel Percy Fawcett is preparing to become a father. One day, the Royal Geographical Society of England made him a tempting proposal: go to the Amazon to map the area between Brazil and Bolivia. Thus begins the story of one of the greatest explorers of the 20th century, torn between his family and his thirst for discovery.


After filming his native New York in Little Odessa, Two Lovers or The Immigrant, director James Gray has decided to radically change the landscape. This time, their hero, played by Charlie Hunnam, is British and spends most of his time in the Amazon rainforest.

Colonel Percy Fawcett, a man as ambitious as he was passionate about his quest, really did exist. His ambition was the same as that of the character in The Lost City of Z: to discover an indigenous civilization that disappeared in the Amazon rainforest. This passion quickly turns into an obsession that will take over his family, whose members are embodied by Sienna Miller and young Tom Holland.

James Gray likes to explore big themes in these movies. The Lost City of Z tells of the longing for fame and adventure of a man who wants to prove his worth to English high society. It is also the story of a father who abandons his son to find him better. As in Ad Astra, his last film, the question of fatherhood is therefore fundamental.

To replicate the experience of 20th century explorers, James Gray took his entire team into the jungle for the shoot. The photography is successful is immersive, without exaggeration. The Lost City of Z is a majestic and epic movie. It lasts two hours and that’s good, the result is worth it.

  • Here’s the trailer for the feature film:

An Original Series: Santa Clarita Diet


Santa Clarita, California. In this wealthy Los Angeles suburb city, Sheila and Joel live a worldly life with their daughter. Unfortunately, a tragic event upsets his routine. Overnight and without explanation, Sheila turns into a zombie. Physically, it is the same person and very intelligent would be the one who could detect the slightest change.

But the same cannot be said for her diet … Now, the mother is hungry for fresh human meat and nothing else will be able to sustain it. A little scared at first, Joel finally accepts it. So the search for the Hammond wives begins, with one mission: to feed Sheila at all costs.


A crazy and original comedy that can be “devoured” in a few bites. Santa Clarita Diet has a real merit, that of being an original program and unlike any other. At first glance, his speech seems too strange to be honest. We hope to find ourselves in front of another badly written and not very funny B series.

Under its “cheap” airs, the series is a pleasant surprise. We laugh heartily at the adventures of Joel and his zombie wife, a fervent lover of human flesh. The show is meant to be light and humorous above all else, but you still have to have a good stomach to watch it. The cannibal zombie meals are gory to perfection, no detail is spared, and you might be tempted to look away.

Otherwise, it drags, the Santa Clarita Diet shuts down completely, and absurd and comical scenes ensue. The Netflix original creation has something of Dexter on it, surely because the “hunt” and murder become the diary of its heroes. We will also appreciate the good duo Drew Barrymore / Timothy Olyphant, even if they can have a tendency to overdo it at times. Without being exceptional, the Santa Clarita diet makes a good impression and should give you good times.

  • See a preview of the program:

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