Netflix: 2 very good movies and series recommended on Monday

So what are we watching on Netflix tonight? As always, we start the week by recommending a top movie and a great series from the SVoD service catalog. This is good, this is not what is lacking in the plethora of the giant’s offer. streaming.

This time, let’s talk about Birdman and Atypical, two excellent content to discover on Netflix.

What movies and series to watch tonight on Netflix?

An excellent movie: Birdman

The synopsis of the film

Riggan Thomson has become extremely famous for his portrayal of the superhero Birdman. Problem, this role still haunts him, so much that he thinks he sees and hears the character on a daily basis. To try to get rid of it and breathe new life into his career, he decides to radically change the register by playing in a play by Raymond Carver on Broadway.

Our opinion

Three Oscars and two Golden Globes (including the one for best film each time), César for best foreign film … Birdman made a real hit. But he also denoted by his desire to desecrate the superhero film, a category that reigns supreme at the global box office.

Birdman takes the opposite direction and it’s nice to see. Riggan is a bit the opposite of Robert Downey Jr (whose career was saved by Iron man). The character of Michael Keaton is weighed down by this superhero who brought him a double-edged light, celebrity yes, but also cataloging.

It is an introspective role for the actor, interpreter of the Batman by Tim Burton in the 1990s and which, apart from a few relatively unimpressive appearances (Jackie Brown, The Stake, Robocop), has had a somewhat disappointing career.

The success of Birdman, then that of Spotlight, have fully relaunched it. Alejandro Gonzalez’s film Inarritu, a success in playing on the registers, a feat of realization (it’s a false two-hour sequence shot) and an ode to the actor through the confrontation between the actor and his double, is a success across the board. A very current and intergenerational film to see without hesitation.

  • Here is the trailer for this great feature film:

A beautiful series: Atypical

The synopsis of the series

The eventful life of Sam, an 18-year-old autistic boy who dreams of love and starting a romantic relationship with the woman of his dreams. But the teenager does not really master all the codes of seduction and his search for the ideal girlfriend will force him to step out of his comfort zone.

His new thirst for independence also turns the habits of his whole family upside down. His mother hen does not look very favorably on his new fad. His father finally sees the opportunity to get closer to Sam. As for his sister, Casey, she hesitates to go to study far from him, frightened by the potential consequences of his departure on the young man’s balance.

Our opinion

Atypical is a series like no other, original, rare and endearing. She deals with difficult subjects, autism and family life with a child with this disorder, without being (too) cliché or stigmatizing. On the contrary, she raises awareness and even manages to be funny and light-hearted by giving us a glimpse into Sam’s daily life.

His tribulations to find love are funny and carry a message of hope. However, the main thing is elsewhere. Under his comic airs, Atypical also knows how to be serious. Often touching, the series tells about the handicap and the attention that an autistic child needs in a home.

Casey, Sam’s sister, struggles to find her place and pays the price. Obviously it’s very romanticized and not always true to life, but the show can still help to better understand what the affected families are going through.

In short, you would be wrong not to embark on Atypical. The series denotes, it is funny and touching as possible. Its actors are also very convincing, special mention to Keir Gilchrist in the role of Sam.

  • Watch a preview of the first season:

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Want the perfect setup for watching Netflix?

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