Netflix: 2 very good movies and series recommended tonight –

What’s beautiful about Netflix this Tuesday? If you don’t know what to watch tonight, no problem: is here to recommend movies and series worth watching in the SVoD service catalog.

Today, Le Tigre Blanc and Atypical have been selected and these two contents are not without strengths.

What movies and series to watch or stream tonight?

A Good Movie: The White Tiger

In summary

Originally from a poor town in India, Balram was hired as a driver for a wealthy couple who had just returned from the United States. Highly ambitious, the young man will rise rapidly through the ranks and rebel against an unequal system.

A quick review

Taken from a Booker Award-winning bestseller, Le Tigre Blanc is a dark fable about the rise of a man of little fortune. It is the eighth feature film by director Ramin Bahrani. The film shows India divided in two: on the one hand, there is disproportionate wealth, on the other, endless misery.

Our hero, also the narrator thanks to a voice-over as effective as it is ironic, begins his life in the second category. Adarsh ​​Gourav plays Balram, an ambitious young man, but conditioned to submit to his “masters” without asking questions. A terrible accident changes everything and this dominance / dominated system quickly becomes unbearable for him.

Your wish now? Take action and try to change things at your own level in a country where inequalities are more important than ever. The White Tiger is a bit long, but we quickly forgive him for this misstep. Why ? Because its edgy staging and poignant, well-crafted story are enough to convince.

In the feature film, no one is innocent, not Balram or his employers, and we quickly find out. Crisp and cool black, The White Tiger is a complex movie that should manage to captivate you. In any case, he knew how to seduce us.

  • Here’s a preview of the feature film:

A fun and moving series: Atypical

In summary

The hectic life of Sam, an 18-year-old autistic boy who dreams of love and begins a romantic relationship with the woman of his dreams. But the adolescent does not really master all the codes of seduction and his search for the ideal girlfriend will force him to leave his comfort zone. Her newfound thirst for independence also turns the habits of her entire family upside down.

His mother hen does not see his new fad very favorably. His father finally sees an opportunity to get closer to Sam. As for his sister, Casey, she hesitates to go to study away from him, scared by the possible consequences of her departure on the young man’s balance.

A quick review

Atypical is a series like the one we do little, original, rare and endearing. It deals with difficult topics, autism and family life with a child with this disorder, without being (too) cliché or stigmatizing. Rather, it raises awareness and even manages to be fun and lighthearted by giving us a glimpse into Sam’s everyday life.

Their trials of finding love are fun and carry a message of hope. However, the main thing is elsewhere. Under her comic airs, Atypical also knows how to be serious. Often poignant, the series talks about the disability and care an autistic child needs in a home. Casey, Sam’s sister, struggles to find her place and pays the price.

He’s obviously very romanticized and not always true to life, but the show can still help you better understand what families are going through. In short, it would be a mistake not to jump into Atypical. The series denotes, it is as funny and moving as possible. His actors are also very convincing, special mention to Keir Gilchrist in the role of Sam.

  • Check out the trailer for the first season:

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