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What are we watching on Netflix this weekend? As usual, the editorial staff at CNET are dedicated to recommending quality movies for you to watch on Netflix. This week, there is still plenty to take care of and perfect your film culture in front of the SVoD service.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the animated film The Mitchell against the Machines, moving independent film Other People and D’Ocean’s Eleven, a classic breakout feature film.

What movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

An original animated film: The Mitchell vs. the Machines

The film in summary

Katie Mitchell has just been accepted into the college of her dreams and is eager to start her new life away from home. Her father, a man with whom she rarely shares, decides that the whole family should accompany her in the car. But their road trip is interrupted when “Pal”, a recalcitrant artificial intelligence, starts a technological rebellion. All humans are then captured by robots … except the Mitchell family.

CNET editorial review

The Mitchell vs. the Machines is the latest creation from Sony Pictures Animation, to whom we also owe the saga Hotel Transylvania, Giant Dumplings Storms or even the excellent Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. And with this new film, the studio is true to its habits: it does not disappoint.

The Mitchell vs. the Machines make a family of good people heroes losers. The little brother is obsessed with dinosaurs, the father is a big handyman who can’t stand technology, the teenager is a misunderstood movie fan and the mother tries to reconcile everyone with the help of aesthetic cupcakes. doubtful. Add to all that a downright hideous dog and you have a gang that is as motley as it is weird.

In short, the Mitchell’s do not have the allure of “usual” heroes, far from it. However, with the help of two dysfunctional robots, they will try to save humans from technological devices that have become out of control. Washing machines and ugly Furby toys, among others, get particularly aggressive.

The film mixes very expressive 3D with 2D animations which give a very refreshing effect. The Mitchell vs. the Machines is filled with chaos, colors, hilarious and crazy gags, references to popular culture… It’s a happy mess, a crazy animated film filled with good feelings. We highly recommend it.

  • Here is an excerpt from this animated film:

A touching independent film: Other People

The film summary

At 29, David decides to return to live with his parents in Sacramento because he has to take care of his mother with cancer. Between his career that does not take off and his father who refuses to accept his homosexuality, the young man has a hard time readjusting to the family home. Especially since the state of health of his mother does not improve, on the contrary.

CNET editorial review

Known for his participation in the American stand-up show Saturday Night Live, Chris Kelly signs here his first feature film. The latter is also vaguely inspired by his personal history.

There is also no doubt about the fate of Joanne, the mother of the main character, who dies in the first minutes of the film. Chris Kelly has chosen to multiply flashbacks to explain how she got there but above all, how her family experienced her long illness.

Because Other People is above all a film about the family and how cancer turns everything upside down. David never seems to belong in the family home and has a complicated relationship with his father who cut him off after his death. coming out. Joanne’s death will reshuffle the cards.

Other People is carried by a solid cast, in particular Jesse Plemons (whose talent is not recognized enough) in the main role and Molly Shannon in that of her dying mother. Special mention to Josie Totah, just hilarious.

By adding touches of humor to a very sad story, Chris Kelly manages to deliver a fair, subtle and touching story. His film is a pleasure to watch, despite its dramatic tone.

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An excellent action movie: Ocean’s Eleven

The film in summary

Barely out of prison, the talented robber Danny Ocean decides to stage the coup of the century: rob three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. They are all owned by a ruthless businessman, Terry Benedict who also turns out to be her ex’s new boyfriend.

To take revenge and fill his pockets, Danny forms a team of ten thugs specializing in specific fields.

CNET editorial review

With Ocean’s Eleven, director Steven Soderbergh revisits a film released in 1960, The unknown of Las Vegas. Its modern adaptation is a great success, the genre of popular film made to please everyone and which is watched with great pleasure.

Its success owes first of all to the troupe of actors that Soderbergh has managed to bring together. George Clooney makes a charming Danny Ocean, that liar and thief that one cannot help but appreciate. By his side: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts… talented actors who are friends in real life. This is felt on the screen: we feel that they are having fun and their complicity is a pleasure to see.

The many touches of humor work just like the action scenes which are well staged. As usual, Steven Soderbergh does a solid job behind the camera.

The script does not lack qualities either. The multiple twists and turns of the story manage to keep the spectator in suspense from beginning to end. Thanks to its well-paced action, Ocean’s Eleven remains an excellent scrap film which has not aged a bit.

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