Netflix: 3 beautiful series to watch or watch again on Wednesday –

On Wednesday night, it’s time for our traditional collection of Netflix series not to get lost in the SVoD service catalog. This is good, this is not what is missing.

Tonight CNET recommends Bodyguard, The OA and Hemlock Grove, three good quality shows.

What movies and series to discover on Netflix tonight?

An exciting series: Bodyguard


David Budd is a British Special Forces veteran with a sense of duty. Now an elite bodyguard for the London police, he is responsible for securing the rear of the Secretary of State for the Interior, a woman whose political action he deeply despises. Torn between his professional conscience and his convictions, Budd will have to make firm decisions and face the consequences.

The CNET notice

Be careful, the series has little to do with the movie of the same name. It also evolves in a different register, more reflective, more serene and less adrenaline-doped. Everyone will make their own opinion, but this different approach was not to displease us, on the contrary. Bodyguard is a smart and complete series. Their main duet works very well.

David Budd, a former soldier scarred by war, frail, unstable, upright, but torn, is masterfully played by Richard Madden. The actor perfectly embodies the complexity of his character and its different facets. The British minister he must protect is also not without interest. Under its shell of hardness and cold ambition, it hides a part of goodness and sweetness. Here too, actress Keeley Hawes is flawless and Bodyguard owes her part of its success.

Otherwise, the plot is breathless and very well put together. The conspiracy from which Budd must protect the Secretary of State is not without a certain realism, especially since it uses current affairs (terrorism, among others) to exist. All six episodes are perfectly paced and you are never bored for a second, even when the political thriller takes (a bit) precedence over the action. The suspense is also well orchestrated and most of the twists are up to the task. In short, Bodyguard is a safe bet and a series that should not disappoint you. For our part, we are looking forward to season 2.

  • Watch the trailer for the series:

An Excellent Series: The OA


Seven years after her mysterious disappearance, Prairie Johnson reappears in staggering circumstances, to say the least. Stranger still, the old blind woman has regained her sight. What could have happened to him? Is she telling the truth or has she gone completely insane? Their family members and researchers are trying to separate the true from the false, but it is not easy. The young woman now claims to be the Original Angel (AO) and claims to have supernatural powers. Hard to believe, but circumstances may well prove that he was right and open the doors to a universe that is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

The CNET notice

A very good series, perhaps a bit too complicated and atypical to please the general public. However, even if we don’t always understand everything, The OA is a slap in the face in many ways. The program is about the afterlife, about an alternative and dreamlike reality that we cannot touch, or even really feel without knowing the keys to access it.

His entire universe is based on the ambiguity between dream and reality. It will especially appeal to the most imaginative and sensitive, who like to get away from it all and are not afraid to get confused. Very smart whoever can categorize it. It’s a bit of a UFO, a series that stands out and clearly stands out from the crowd.

The storytelling keeps us going smoothly and Brit Marling is quite impressive in the role of Prairie. Okay, sometimes it will take a bit of stamina to keep up, but it’s worth it. Full of emotions, poetry and mysteries, The OA is an invitation to travel and it would be a mistake not to be tempted.

  • Here’s a sample from season 1:

A Horror Series: Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove (Pennsylvania) appears to be a quiet, worldly American city. In any case, this is what its inhabitants thought before a tragic drama disturbed their tranquility. A young woman is found dead and horribly mutilated a stone’s throw from the Godfrey family’s steelworks. Roman Godfrey, son of the owner of the premises, then decides to find the culprit.

But the young man also has his share of secrets. Due to the dire influence of his terrifying mother, he does not meet all the requirements of the ideal son-in-law. But, to do his high school classmate justice, he will conduct his own investigation and attempt to unmask the dangerous beast that lurks in Hemlock Grove.

The CNET notice

An effective horror thriller that clearly did not have the success that its potential hoped for. It is true that Hemlock Grove requires a bit of patience. The plot is long enough to set up, and you have to wait not to drop the series in the first few episodes. After this ordeal, we do not regret it.

Yes, the writers are not always easy to follow and the series goes all over the place. Yes, sometimes it lacks rhythm and certain twists and turns are unnerving. But that’s not why we shouldn’t give it a try. It is its gloomy atmosphere and its peculiarity that makes its charm.

Hemlock Grove isn’t exactly gory, but its monsters and other mysterious creatures should make fans of the supernatural fall in love. The staging is neat and overall the actors do a pretty good job. In short, don’t listen to all the negative reviews and treat yourself. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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