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After the hard work of the week comes the weekend, which is synonymous with rest for many of us. What if you took advantage of your free time to watch one or more movies on Netflix?

Each week, directs you to some of the favorites of its journalists, feature films seen and appreciated that we highly recommend. This time, let’s talk aboutEdge of Tomorrow, Moonlight and Instalife, productions that have most of the necessary ingredients to please.

What cool movies to watch this weekend on Netflix?

A successful action movie: Edge of Tomorrow

In summary

In the near future, the Earth is invaded by the Mimics, overpowered aliens. As the fighting continued, Commander William Cage, a novice in the art of battle, was sent to the front lines. Within minutes of the start of the mission, he dies and finds himself stuck in a time loop, doomed to relive the same day over and over again.

CNET editorial review

The synopsis ofEdge of Tomorrow is reminiscent of One endless day. Except that in the first quoted, Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell are replaced by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The “Groundhog Day” celebrations turn into a ruthless invasion orchestrated by terrifying extraterrestrials.

In short, these two films have in fact nothing to do except the use of the famous time loop, cruel prison for the characters concerned. Let’s face it, though, Bill Murray’s day looks a bit quieter than Tom Cruise’s in Edge of Tomorrow.

Here, he plays Commander William Cage, a soldier more skilled in front of the cameras than with a weapon in his hands. However, it was he who was chosen to lead a perilous mission in the north of France.

The beginning of the film presents us with a loose and sluggish Tom Cruise. It’s refreshing to see him in this “good-for-nothing” role even though, of course, he ends up getting really tough. Beside him, Emily Blunt shines in her role as a soldier badass.

Edge of Tomorrow has all the ingredients of a good action and science fiction movie: impressive fight scenes, an alien invasion and a soundtrack that goes well with the rise in tension. Like in a video game, the viewer is thrown back as long as the character fails to complete their quest. Fortunately, Tom Cruise is still far from Game Over.

  • Here’s the trailer for this great sci-fi movie:

A poignant drama: Moonlight

In summary

The film follows the life of Chiron, a young African American living in Miami, from childhood to adulthood. As he tries to find out who he really is, Chiron also has to deal with a drugged mother and a difficult school environment.

CNET editorial review

For his second film, Barry Jenkins leads the viewer into an initiatory story filled with beauty and poetry. Moonlight managed to win over critics and propel the American director to the forefront, and it’s deserved. In 2016, the feature film was even awarded the Oscar for best film. A real consecration.

If the movies says coming of age (from the passage of childhood to adulthood) tend to look alike, sometimes a work stands out and manages to renew this genre yet so worn. Barry Jenkins took up this challenge well with Moonlight whose diversity of characters is to be emphasized.

Chiron grows up in a society where he has to learn the codes of those around him, try to get out of poverty, resist drug trafficking and the persecution of his comrades. All while trying to live and accept his homosexuality.

The film is cut into three acts, three moments in the life of a Chiron played by three different actors. It works well and helps paint a tender and realistic portrayal of masculinity in the modern world.

Thanks to its bewitching soundtrack, the strength of the performances of the different actors and the beauty of photography, Moonlight convinces. It is a striking film, of the kind that stays in mind for a while.

  • Watch an excerpt from this Oscar-winning film:

A strange independent film: Instalife

In summary

Ingrid is a young woman obsessed with Instagram and especially the dream life that some “influencers” seem to lead. By settling in Los Angeles, she decides to interfere in the life of Taylor Sloane, a starlet of the social network. Let the stalkage begin.

CNET editorial review

Do not be fooled by the French name – little inspired – of this film (titled Ingrid Goes West in original version) nor to its pitch which may seem superficial. Instalife is much nicer than it seems at first glance.

In his first feature film, American director Matt Spicer stars Ingrid, a young woman with fragile mental health, completely addicted to Instagram. Obviously the two do not mix well.

Ingrid spends hours monitoring the social network, obsessed with hashtags and influential people who take the time to respond to her. After ruining the marriage of one of them, Ingrid sets her sights on Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Ingrid is very far from the image of the perfect Californian. Known as the bizarre and hilarious April Ludgate in the series Parks and Recreation, Aubrey Plaza is also convincing in this more dramatic register.

The result is an oppressive film that manages to make one uncomfortable on more than one occasion. Is it because of the embarrassing situations in which Ingrid gets involved? Or perhaps because his toxic behavior on social networks is sometimes reminiscent of our own practices?

As much as a frightening stalker, Ingrid is a victim caught in an infernal cycle. Alone, with what looks like a personality disorder borderline, she’s just looking for a little recognition. And she is ready to do anything to have her quarter of an hour of glory …

  • Discover the trailer from this amazing movie:

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