Netflix: 3 cool series you’d be wrong to miss

Wednesday night, you don’t really know which series to watch on Netflix? Good news, we may have what you need.

As usual, the editorial team recommends three good contents of the catalog of the platform of streaming. This time, Messiah, Ragnarök and Trinkets are editorial choices.

Which series to watch on Netflix tonight?

An original series: Messiah

The series in summary

In the Middle East, a strange man is starting to make the headlines. He claims to be the new Messiah and presents himself as the new incarnation of Jesus on Earth. However, what might suggest a farce quickly becomes a very serious matter. He increased his number of public appearances and the videos of his “miracles” spread like wildfire in the world. While the ranks of its faithful continue to swell, the CIA decides to open an investigation. Divine incarnation or impostor? Agent Eva Geller has the difficult task of disentangling the true from the false in this case.

Our opinion

With his pitch to say the least original, Messiah already has the merit of thinking outside the box. Better, the series manages to make its originality a force, by mixing geopolitics and religion, two subjects however sensitive. Precisely, its real success is perhaps to manage to propose a thrilling plot, without stigmatizing or criticizing one or the other of the cited religions.

Certainly, she often presses where it hurts, but always with intelligence. Who exactly is this new Messiah? A messenger or a vulgar charlatan? By trying to make up our own mind, we easily get caught up in the game of Messiah and his story full of twists and turns. The ten episodes are carried out with full speed, suspense and all the time (or almost) and you never get bored for a single second.

The actors, in particular Tomer Sisley, also deserve to be saluted and deliver quite convincing performances. Beyond these few considerations, Messiah pleased us because it puts its feet in the dish and pushes the viewer to wonder. Already on our beliefs and religious texts, but also on our relationship to spirituality. Sufficient to offend some, perhaps not inclined enough to differentiate between fact and fiction.

  • Watch the series trailer:

A dramatic comedy: Trinkets

The series in summary

Ill-gotten never profit. This is a maxim that surely does not mean much to Elodie, Moe and Tabitha, three inveterate shoplifters. While everything seems to oppose them, it is kleptomania that will bring the three young girls together. They will then constantly compete against each other by challenging each other to answer a question: who is the best thief?

Our opinion

Trinkets does not look like much, but it is undeniably a nice series and even a pleasant surprise. Everything opposes the heroines of showexcept their compulsive need to steal. They also meet in a meeting of anonymous kleptomaniacs. Difficult to make more cliché, but it is correctly taken and everything even works quite well.

Trinkets is a series for teenagers that, on the whole, knows how to play with stereotypes. After some doubtful scriptwriting choices at the start, the three main protagonists are united by a beautiful friendship and we quickly want to know the rest of their adventures. It should not be looked at for the more complex themes it addresses (homosexuality, domestic violence…).

She has the merit of talking about it, but often does it too much on the surface. On the other hand, without completely deviating from the beaten track, the story holds up, even if the scenario does not really stand out. Like any good series for teens, Trinkets Also has its share of romances and the protagonists also manage chaotic love lives, in parallel with pick-pocketing sessions. It is sometimes a little “too much”, but that does not prevent Trinkets to be worth a look.

  • Here is an overview of the show :

A cool fantasy series: Ragnarök

The series in summary

In the small town of Edda in Norway, not much is going well. Global warming and pollution are wreaking havoc, so the future looks as tarnished as the air its poor inhabitants breathe. But Magne, a teenager who has just arrived in the village, could change everything when he discovers superhuman powers. He doesn’t know it yet, but the fate of the planet may well rest on his shoulders.

Our opinion

A good series, interesting, and more thoughtful than it looks. Don’t be fooled by his weird trailer, Ragnarok better than that. Without having the Netflix blockbuster budget (Stranger Things et al.), it succeeds in pulling out of the game. The series quite skilfully mixes Nordic mythology and contemporary environmental problems.

Her message is quite clear: she insists on the ecological emergency, while denouncing those who are, in part, responsible. Miracle, she manages (roughly) to do it without being too judgmental, which is also a good point. After its sluggish start, the show can then be well looked at. Some may regret the important place given to the high school adventures of the hero, the very “adolescent” side or the few scriptwriting weaknesses of Ragnarok.

But that doesn’t stop the show from being decent entertainment. The first season lasts only six episodes and its plot ultimately holds few surprises. But the magnificent Norwegian landscapes, the very correct acting of the actors and a certain originality make it all the same satisfying.

  • Find below a trailer from season 1:

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