Netflix: 3 exciting and very cool series to watch or re-watch Wednesday evening

Want to pose in front of Netflix tonight, but you do not know which series to turn to? To help you find the content you need, we try every week to guide you to sure values ​​from the SVoD service catalog.

This time, Love, Death & Robots, BoJack Horseman and Making a murderer were chosen by the editorial staff. Still hesitating to give them a chance? Go for it, these three series should not disappoint you.

Which series to watch tonight on Netflix?

An excellent and atypical series: Love, Death & Robots

The synopsis

Not easy to summarize Love, Death & Robots, series by Tim Miller and David Fincher. Its creators have chosen the anthology, with each episode, a new story of love, death and / or robots …

More seriously, it’s very short, between five and twenty minutes for the eighteen episodes of the series. The format is attractive and quite addictive, the different chapters are viewed in one go.

Otherwise, we go, without transition or almost, from a dantesque fight between killer robots to a war between farmers and aliens, an expedition in the footsteps of Dracula, or burglar cyborgs. The only real consistency? The violence pervading each episode and an interesting look into the future.

‘s opinion

Love, Death & Robots is a “slap” in many ways. Aesthetically, it is really very successful. Few series can boast of having such extensive and varied entertainment.

Sometimes dark, sometimes very colorful, often disturbing realism thanks to the motion capture, sometimes much less in manga or cartoon version… On their own, they are already a valid reason to watch the series.

Those who like anticipation and futuristic settings will also be served. The show is reminiscent of Black mirror because it talks about the future and our relationship to technologies. The rapprochement stops there, but it still deserved to be underlined.

Overall, the scenarios are successful, clever, and the stories engaging. The violence, the anguish and the dark humor that oozes from Love, Death & Robots often bluffing and always surprising. Sensitive souls refrain, however, the show does not forbid itself much.

Also note that a season 2 is scheduled on Netflix. It is said to be in production, but no official launch date has yet been made official.

  • Here is an overview of this very good series:

A benchmark of animated series: BoJack Horseman

The synopsis

In the 1990s, the stallion BoJack Horseman was a star of the American small screen. But here it is, twenty years after the end of his glorious sitcom Horsin Around, the life of the horse no longer has much to do with the rhinestones and sequins of yesteryear.

Depressed, alcoholic and drugged, the fallen actor spends his time ruminating and despairs of having been put away. Fortunately, to get back in the saddle, he can count on his loyal friends.

But the narcissistic narcissistic trash at will gives them a hard time by preferring to occupy his days between his Hollywood villa and the bars where he has his habits.

‘s opinion

We have a particular fondness for the atypical and amoral adventures of the horse actor. The series does not bother with political correctness and does not give American society a freebie.

The media, Hollywood or the military … all take it for their rank and BoJack shoots live ammunition. He, the anti-hero par excellence, has made humor, drugs and alcohol his shields against the depression that assails him.

After the shock of seeing animals living and interacting with humans, we get used to the rather peculiar graphic universe very well. In short, BoJack Horseman worth the detour. The show might even move you on occasion.

  • Check out the Season 1 trailer below:

A thrilling documentary series: Making a murderer

The synopsis

For many years, the teams of this thriller documentary followed the judicial journey of Steven Avery, an American sentenced to eighteen years in prison for a rape he did not commit.

Finally exonerated thanks to DNA analyzes, he will not stop denouncing the dysfunctions of the justice of his country. Two years later, he rebels: this time he is accused of the murder of a photographer and returns to the shadows.

The documentary focuses on the many inconsistencies in the investigation and on the sometimes dubious methods of the American police to confuse Steven Avery.

‘s opinion

Better than Let the accused enter, Making a murderer is a startling dive into the American justice and prison system. To investigate the unfortunate Steven Avery and retrace his story, the directors of the documentary do not stop at commenting on archival footage.

They give voice to his lawyers, his family, and even to the prisoner through the discussions he has with his relatives. Everything is clearly oriented, at no time are we allowed to hear the version of the police or the prosecutor who charged him.

It is assumed, the goal is first to denounce the flaws in the system, not to conduct the investigation. Regardless, the bet is still successful. Making a Murderer manages to get busy, although a bit slow at times.

  • Watch an excerpt from this gripping documentary:

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