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Which Netflix series are you going to start this week? There are many nuggets in the SVoD platform catalog. Precisely, if you do not really know which programs to turn to, here is our traditional selection of first-rate works.

Lost in Space, The Good Cop and The Innocents… admittedly, this isn’t the best content showing on Netflix. However, they are friendly and will surely give you a good time if you give them a chance.

What cool shows to watch on Netflix this week?

A good SF series: Lost in Space  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.3/ 10


In 2046, it became difficult to live on Earth after a giant asteroid crashed on our poor planet. The members of the Robinson family are (finally) selected to leave the blue planet and go to Proxima Centauri B, with the 24th wave of settlers.

Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. Damage forces them to land on an unknown and hostile planet where they are greeted by a mysterious alien robot. To survive, they will have to compete in malice and forge alliances with sometimes unexpected allies.

Editorial opinion

Not the series of the century, but a nice space opera. If we had to sum up Lost in space in one sentence, that’s what would stand out. The scenario has some obvious flaws, it’s true. Difficult to ignore its inconsistencies.

The dialogues are a bit caricature and also leave something to be desired. But the series also has qualities and it’s far from the turnip that many talk about. Visually, for example, it’s a great success.

Space exploration is fun to follow and the special effects up to the task. If you are looking for family entertainment without big pretensions, Lost in space will do. The series is not taken head for a penny and it will not fail to captivate some.

Okay, you often have to put your rationality aside to really appreciate the twists and turns. But let’s not forget that this is sci-fi, so the earth’s physical and biological laws do not necessarily apply elsewhere in the universe …

If you manage to exceed your a priori, you might even have a good time. With all due respect to the most critical, everything is therefore not to be thrown in Lost in space, on the contrary.

  • Here’s the trailer for the first season:

A funny comedy-drama: The Good Cop  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7/ 10


In this adaptation of the Israeli series Hashoter Hanov, Tony Caruso Jr. is too honest a New York police lieutenant for his own good. His father, Tony Caruso Sr. is the exact opposite.

Former rogue cop, he was sentenced to several years in prison for corruption and has just come out of the box. Forced to move in with his son, he feels obliged to bombard him with advice and let him take advantage of his supposed insights into his profession and his love life.

Editorial opinion

The Good Cop Nor was it frankly one of the series we’ve been looking forward to on Netflix. To put it simply, let’s say that its release sparked polite indifference in the halls of the editorial staff.

However, having (almost) exhausted our series stock, we finally launched an episode, just to see. And if this series is high in this selection, that means one thing: it has pleasantly surprised us.

We spend real good times in front of this unpretentious comedy. The actors do the job well, the humor works quite well and the plot is punctuated. Of course, the script does not always shine with its originality and the outcome of police investigations is often predictable.

The characters are endearing, but also too stereotypical and locked in clichés. In the end, this is not the most important and we should not be too rigorous about The Good Cop. By combining the comic and a more dramatic frame, it seduces without forcing too much and you would be right to give it a chance.

  • look at the trailer of this good series:

A great discovery: The Innocents  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 6.3/ 10


Harry and June are in love and decide to flee their respective families to live their romance. But very quickly, an astonishing discovery prompts them to revise their plans: June has the ability to transform. As the lovebirds try their best to control this new power, a meeting will call everything into question.

A mysterious man announces to the young woman that she is not an isolated case, others have received this “gift” of transformation. If she agrees to accompany him, he promises to treat her and introduce her to his biological mother. Follow him or make his own way with Harry? A difficult choice is then offered to the young woman.

Editorial opinion

Like the other series in this selection, we started The Innocents without expecting much. The pitch suggested a teen drama quite classic and we are not the biggest fans of the genre.

Well imagine that after one or two first episodes of running a little long, the series turned out to be a great discovery. The scenario is rather well worked out and especially less common than it seems.

The plot is on hold and its twists are quite believable. The show does not take too many shortcuts and is not marred by too many inconsistencies. There is action, suspense and enough twists and turns to hook the viewer from start to finish.

The superb Nordic landscapes perfectly match the atmosphere of The Innocents and we also appreciate the careful realization. Some may regret the uneven playing quality of the actors, but this is not a sufficient reason not to embark on this good series.

  • Discover an overview of the show below :

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