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Are you looking for a rare gem series on Netflix to fill your evenings this week? No problem, we might have what you need. Like every day, the editorial staff browses the SVoD service catalog in search of the best programs to advise you.

Today Hemlock Grove, The Spy and Formula One: Pilots of its Destiny are winning, and here’s why.

What are some very good shows to watch or watch again on Netflix?

Horror Series: Hemlock Grove

Briefly about the series

Hemlock Grove (Pennsylvania) seems like a peaceful and ordinary American town. At least, that’s what its inhabitants thought before the tragic drama disturbed their peace. A young woman is found dead and horribly mutilated near the Godfrey family’s steel mill.

Then Roman Godfrey, the son of the owner of the premises, goes in search of the perpetrator. But the young man has his own secrets. Due to the negative influence of his intimidating mother, he does not meet all the requirements of an ideal son-in-law. But in a tribute to his high school friend, he will conduct his own investigation and try to unmask the dangerous beast lurking in Hemlock Grove.

Short review

An effective horror thriller that clearly didn’t have the success its potential would have it hoped for. It is true that Hemlock Grove requires a bit of patience. The plot is set up for quite a long time, and you have to hold on so as not to let go of the series in the first episodes. When this test is over, we will not regret it.

Yes, the writers aren’t always very easy to follow, and the series goes a bit in all directions. Yes, sometimes he lacks rhythm, and some turns of the situation make you think. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance. Its dark atmosphere and quirkiness make it alluring.

Hemlock Grove isn’t exactly gory, but its monsters and other mysterious creatures should appeal to fans of the supernatural. The production is good, the actors in general play well. In short, don’t listen to all the overly negative reviews and give in to temptation. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Thrilling Drama: Spy

Briefly about the series

Eli Cohen was born in Syria to a Jewish family and immigrated to Egypt very early. But persecution quickly forces him to pack his bags, heading this time to Israel. There he develops an unconditional love for the host country.

So much so that he even agrees to serve as her spy. Eli is gifted, very gifted. He exceeds the expectations of his superiors and he manages to penetrate the nerve center of the Syrian government, as close as possible to the powers that be in this enemy country.

Short review

A little-known mini-series is drowning in a mass of content on Netflix. However, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of this, since the returned copy is convincing. The Spy follows in the footsteps of Eli Cohen, an ordinary-looking employee who became a masterful spy for Israel. It is taken from real history.

Between 1961 and 1695 Cohen did infiltrate the upper echelons of the Syrian regime before meeting a tragic end. Here he is embodied by Sacha Baron Cohen, whose performance we should applaud. Better known for his comedic roles than his dramatic acting skills, he proves once again that he can excel in both registers.

In “Chicago 7” or “Spy” he plays characters far from his usual standards, and he does it very well. The series finds the right fusion between history, politics, espionage and sentiment. The tempo isn’t exciting, but it doesn’t need to grab the viewer’s attention either. The first episode leaves a little skeptical, wondering if we’ll last.

The Spy then gets to the heart of the matter, and his plot from Israel to Syria via Argentina succeeds. We feel the touch of its creator Gideon Raff (Motherland), an expert in this field. In addition to the impeccable staging, the suspense and atmosphere also work well.

The spy shines above all because he paints an intimate portrait of a patriotic, determined, gifted man, but also full of doubts. Far from his family, but aware that he is a key asset to his country, he will stop at nothing to serve her. Even if it means overdoing it, taking reckless risks? Yes sometimes. Eli Cohen is an exciting multifaceted character.

The spy, immersed in a complex historical period and geopolitical context, is worth a visit. It shows how one person could influence the fate of several countries. His work was also recognized as important in the Six Day War, Israel’s victory over a coalition of Arab nations.

  • Here is the series trailer:

Very good sports documentary: Formula 1: Drivers of their Destiny.

Briefly about the series

A documentary series that tells about the season of Formula 1 from the inside, literally and figuratively. For the first time, the viewer is immersed in the cockpit, paddock, as well as in the daily life of the pilots. “Formula 1: The Fate of the Drivers” offers a new look at the sport and its behind the scenes, largely unknown to the general public.

Short review

Whether you’re a Formula One fan or not, Formula One: Drivers of Their Destiny is a series worth watching. What is his greatest merit? Succeed in creating a sport that is not necessarily exciting for the uninitiated. Showing the behind the scenes and the amazing underside of the Formula 1 season, it is no problem to be of interest even to beginners.

The staging is excellent, the images are beautiful and diverse. The documentary shows how pilots no longer sit in their seats than sit behind the wheel. Rivalry, tension, anxiety, pressure… It quickly becomes exciting, showing that Formula 1 is also a very human discipline.

Things are quickly taking on the appearance of a reality show where various players in the sport are intelligently put forward. There are suspense, twists and turns, and we quickly get bogged down in the game, to the point where we find the ten-episode first season too short. Luckily, others are already available on Netflix, and a fourth is in the works.

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