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Relax in front of a good movie on Netflix? It’s almost a must-have ritual on weekends. Precisely, the catalog of the streaming service is full of excellent representatives of the seventh art. To help you make your voice and separate the wheat from the chaff, the editorial team advises you on three of them every week.

Sacred Grail!, Mad Max: Fury Road and Memories of Marnie … if you haven’t already, these three works are worth giving them a chance. And why not this weekend?

What great movies to watch this weekend?

A film to laugh out loud: Sacré Graal!  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8.2/ 10

In summary

The Monty Python troop revisits the Arthurian legend of the Grail and the Knights of the Round Table. As usual with these happy drills, the film is a succession of sketches, linked by a theme – in this case the quest for the Grail.

CNET editorial review

We’re talking about an absolutely cult comedy here. More than a film, it is even a projection of the zany and the absurd that reign in the heads of Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and John Cleese, alias the Monty Python. Everything gets mixed up to the point where we don’t really know if it’s a feature film or just a collective delirium. First example: the feature film has a budget of 230,000 pounds, that is to say three times nothing. Supposed to speak of a legend of chivalry, he doesn’t even have … horses. Never mind, the actors will include it in the scenario, and instead of riding steeds, the knights will imitate the beasts.

That roughly sums up this UFO that is Sacred grail : a series of ideas all as bizarre as each other, as if a group of merry companions entered an art gallery to turn everything upside down and repaint the paintings according to their ideas. A slightly protesting way of making cinema, an absurd reflection on the way of making a film …

From the opening credits, the chaos begins, unidentified characters shout at each other, it is announced that those responsible for the credits have been … fired! And we don’t tell you about the end … Add to that some cult scenes (the killer rabbit, the dark knight, the Pythia), and you will have one of the funniest films in the Netflix catalog. A must see !

  • Watch a preview of this cult movie:

An animated nugget: Memories of Marnie  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.7/ 10

In summary

Anna, a shy young girl with fragile health, is sent for the summer to her distant family, in the countryside, in order to regenerate. There, she discovers “The House of the Marshes”, with only one occupant, a mysterious girl called Marnie …

Editorial opinion

It is always very difficult for anyone who works for Ghibli to let go of the immense aura of Hayao Miyazaki. The director of Spirited Away moreover, probably, condemned the studio to live forever in its shadow. None of the films released apart from his own have been a great success, both critically and commercially, and each time Miyazaki wanted to retire, he reversed his decision, either by force of circumstances (death of Yoshifumi Kondo ), or out of sentimentalism and dissatisfaction (he had reconsidered his decision after leaving The wind picks up, in 2014).

Memories of Marnie, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (whom he dubbed) did not have to reassure the master: commercial failure, the film led Ghibli into a film production hiatus that still lasts (if we except the hybrid The Red Turtle, where the studio mainly plays an advisory role). However, it is a very beautiful film, with its own identity.

Memories of Marnie, by its title, already announced something very “Hitchcockian” in its content. And indeed, if the first half of the film is reminiscent of productions by Hayao Miyazaki (the figure of the grandmother, music, nature …), the second half operates a revisit of Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock. The final scene in a misty and rainy setting, the mystery surrounding the beautiful blonde, this associated with the name of the young girl (Marnie, another Hitchcock film) are reminiscent of one of the masterpieces of the master of suspense.

Film that adopts Western codes, but without ever denying its identity and its Japanese mythology, it carries a sort of magical realism that will speak to all generations. It will not confuse early fans of the iconic studio at all and will seduce those who discover it.

  • here is the trailer charming cartoon style:

An adrenaline-fueled action flick: Mad Max Fury Road  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8.1/ 10

In summary

In a world of desolation and chaos, the leader is Immortan Joe. This tyrant captured a survivor, Max, to make him a universal blood donor. Meanwhile, Immortan Joe’s lieutenant, Imperator Furiosa, betrays her leader and runs away with his five wives, sex slaves believed to give him children to recreate the world in his own image. Embarked on the pursuit of Furiosa, Max chooses to ally with her to save his skin …

Editorial opinion

The pitch may sound a bit complicated, but it is not that much. Mad Max is a road movie spectacular, a two-hour post-apocalyptic frantic chase where there is no bad guy or good guy, but first and foremost a struggle for survival. It’s a film that transcends and transcends itself, in the characters, the sets, but above all in itself: it is not necessary to have seen the previous ones. Mad Max to understand and appreciate it. In this, the presence of Tom Hardy in the title role, replacing Mel Gibson, helps.

Early adopters will certainly find a little more than a layman here; But Mad Max is designed above all to be an absolutely mind-blowing visual and sound experience. Beyond Max, whether it is the blind guitarist playing (literally) inflamed music or the terror that emanates from Immortan Joe, through the magnetism of Nicholas Hoult as a sickly kid, the gallery of characters is entousiasmante.

But the most beautiful success is of course Furiosa (certainly one of the greatest roles of Charlize Theron, usual paragon of beauty and there totally against employment), the perfect incarnation of the strong woman who commands respect. It’s a very good movie and you would be wrong not to give it a chance.

  • The trailer is below:

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