Netflix: 3 interesting and captivating series to watch tonight

Wednesday is the day of our selection of Netflix series. Each week, we try to point you to programs seen and appreciated in the SVoD service catalog.

This time, Seven Deadly Sins, Teenage Bounty Hunters and Anne with an “E” are the contents chosen by the editorial staff. We explain why these series are worth the detour below.

What series to watch tonight on Netflix?

An excellent anime: Seven Deadly Sins

The series in brief

Ten years ago, the Seven Deadly Sins, formidable warriors, became public enemies number 1 after rebelling against the Sacred Knights. Today, Princess Elizabeth is looking for these missing men. Why ? Because they are the only ones capable of stopping the dictatorship established by these same Sacred Knights. Along the way, the young woman will meet Meliodas, a much stronger innkeeper than he seems.

‘s opinion

When it comes to Japanese animation, Netflix’s catalog clearly does not have to be ashamed of the competition. Among its flagships, the four seasons of Seven Deadly Sins, anime from shonen by Nakaba Suzuki. Broadly speaking, fans of Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and others will not be disoriented here. The main ingredients that made the success of these prestigious franchises are also present in Seven Deadly Sins.

There are fights, humor, an iniatic story and ever more powerful enemies. The plot takes place in a universe that could serve as a prequel to the Arthurian legends, a non-negligible charm asset. But two things clearly allow Seven Deadly Sins to stand out from the crowd. First of all, his characters. We quickly become attached to the personality of Meliodas, Ban, King, Diane, Escanor, Gowther and Merlin and their interactions make the salt of the series.

The mangaka has worked his heroes in depth and we find this same feeling in the anime. They each have a personal story, which brings us to the second strength of the show : romance. Beyond fighting, the real reason that pushes everyone to face death is love. Far from being simply “nag”, Seven Deadly Sins tells us about the heart and the tragedies attached to it. Something to hang on and quickly get hooked.

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A surprising series: Teenage Bounty Hunters

The series in brief

Due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances, two young Christian girls from good families will have to team up with a bounty hunter to hunt down the town’s delinquents.

‘s opinion

It doesn’t take very long to find Teenage Bounty Hunters sympathetic. Not that the first episode is a model of its kind, but because we are witnessing the birth of a good tandem of the small screen. Between Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini (the two Wesley sisters), the chemistry is immediate. Their good humor becomes communicative.

And if the omnipresence of religion may seem confusing, it is not free. Over the course of the episodes, we will learn that she especially allows her “sisters” to question who they really are. In a world where constraints and appearances predominate, this confrontation with the rebellious life of bounty hunters will reveal them.

Teenage Bounty Hunters is a teenage series about the transition to adulthood. It is imbued with a modernity that does not hesitate to shake up old institutions. Unfortunately, Netflix has not decided to offer it season 2. An unfortunate decision that will not prevent us from advising you to watch the one and only season of the show.

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A sure bet from Netflix: Anne with an “E”

The series in brief

At the end of the 19th century, 13-year-old Anne accidentally landed in the household of Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla. They thought they would pick up a boy to help them with the farm work, but ended up with a teenage girl, long abused by life.

But, when they first think of sending her away, the peasants will very quickly fall in love with the young girl. Her intelligence, kindness and vivid imagination will give new meaning to their life.

‘s opinion

Based on the novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne with an “E“is a very charming find on Netflix. The books had set the bar high, but its television adaptation is up to it. We quickly fall in love with the heroine, Anne, flayed alive who finally begins to appreciate life at home. Cuthbert.

The young girl is bubbly and refreshing and her adventures frankly give a smile. His character is more complex than he looks. Anne is exuberant, intelligent, mischievous, but also very fragile. She has temperament, but also a very sensitive skin. So many character traits that make her as endearing as touching.

At thirteen, life is not always easy and Anne knows it all too well. At the village school, she is pilloried because she is different (her hair is red), and she has to struggle to be accepted. This is the heart of the series and it may sound pretty mundane, but we don’t get bored at all. The script keeps its promises, like the cast and we strongly recommend that you give this very good series a chance.

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