Netflix: 3 movies and series that will make you vibrate this weekend –

There is no rest for the brave, moviegoers and fans of the series who are always looking for content to bite into. Fortunately, they can bite into Netflix without restrictions, since the streaming platform (SVoD) has a full catalog. The editorial team found you two movies and a series devour.

This weekend, we joined a new high school with Le Nouveau, saving the world with Les Cinq Légendes and getting through the throes of adolescence with Les Grands.

What movies and series are you going to entertain on Netflix this weekend?

Quirky Teen Movie: The New


A loser takes advantage of the change of establishment to reinvent his reputation as a tough guy with the help of a prisoner.

Why do you have to see it?

Admittedly, Le Nouveau made his servant happy, who had to rent the DVD to the video club (yes, that doesn’t make us any younger) a good fifteen times. For good reason: it has to be the quirkiest teen movie of the 2000s.

It must be said that the feature film incorporates all the topics of the genre (the sports villain, the prom …), but it does so with generosity and an overflowing humor. All the scenes thus play the exaggeration and the grotesque, when one does not fall squarely in the parody of iconic films (Pretty Woman, The Silence of the Agneaux).

Le Nouveau is not just a comedy or a teen movie, it’s also a great outlet: cult lines, comedians having fun, a superb soundtrack, cameos from stars in disarray …

In the end, The New is a gourmet movie that may not appeal to everyone, especially since some dated sequences can seem quite “on the edge” today.

But the film remains a lighthearted, regressive, uncompromising, and far too little-known comedy. A little “guilty pleasure” to discover.

  • A trailer that combines gags:

An animated movie worthy of Avengers: The Five Legends


Jack Frost is invited to join other mythical legends like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny to save the hopes and imaginations of children from the threat of the Bogeyman.

Why do you have to see it?

The Avengers? A team of fans with the famous “Five Legends”, which includes none other than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost. Yes, all the entities of the children’s imagination have responded, for an animated film that astonishes as much as it gives all its meaning to the word “epic”.

Far from being a film for young people, The Five Legends is also a magnificent adventure, full of action, humor and emotion, that will delight young and old. Seeing these folkloric beings we all know come to life, laugh and fight inevitably tickles our innocence.

For its part, the animation is at the height of the characters and their powers, and we must recognize all the inventiveness of the team to offer us sets and sequences that are real paintings, and a feast for the retinas.

The movie is full of ideas, and you never take a second off the screen, getting carried away by all this visual richness. A charm to discover absolutely, especially when the Christmas season is still far away …

  • An epic trailer:

A series as funny as it is moving: Les Grands


It’s back to school time for a group of friends who come in third place. They are officially the greats of the university. What will they be able to do with this new status?

Because you have to see it

For three seasons, the Les Grands series takes us through all the emotions. It must be said that this series draws attention from the first episode for its extreme precision in writing.

The realism with which he portrays the day-to-day life of these university students who are looking for each other, without avoiding the most delicate issues (sexuality, identity, violence), is exemplary. The actors are incredibly natural and have no problem conveying their joy, pain, and emotional development throughout the seasons.

An observation that is affirmed even in the supporting roles. And if some characters end up teasing, this is by no means a fault, as it contributes to the very thickness of the show.

The Greats do not skimp on us at all and we find ourselves chaining the episodes with greed, curious to know the next moment of joy or sadness … With the seasons, we can go from laughing to tears in the face of everyday life no. Always rose from these young people.

In the end, Les Grands is a series with a timeless theme, which immerses us in a familiar and intimate world that we all know … A strong and French series (cocorico!), Which we especially recommend.

  • A nostalgic trailer:

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