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Whether underground, in the sands of the Colosseum or inside a small business, this weekend we stepped on the sand thanks to the rich catalog of the Queen of Broadcast Platforms (SVoD). Netflix He pampers us with two films and a series that we never tire of seeing again, just for the pleasure of showing them to someone around us.

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A weekend of transgression is over as we will break the first rule of Fight Club, challenge an emperor like Gladiator and laugh more than working at The Office (US).

What movies and series shouldn’t you miss this weekend on Netflix?

David Fincher’s Misunderstood Masterpiece: Fight Club


Satisfied with a banal life within a society that forms him, a man will see his daily life upset by his encounter with Tyler Durden, exactly the opposite. Together, they will create the Fight Club, an underground place where you will face your opponent to rediscover yourself.


If we tell you about a movie that was rejected when it was released in theaters and was the subject of some bad press reviews, are you telling us? Certainly not Fight Club. And yet the film, now considered a must-see, had to rely on its arrival on video to gain recognition.

It must be said that the feature film of David Fincher it has so many levels of reading that it remains misunderstood, and still is for some people who only see a glimpse of a newfound manhood. However, Fight Club wants to be on the contrary the culmination of the end of the century, and of a generation without references that hides behind a false guru.

Fight Club is about manipulation, first of the masses and then of a handful of individuals. It speaks of a destructive impulse that feeds on our faults. It is both a pamphlet and a satire, bordering on parody at times. The film has fun dismantling each of our certainties with a narrative and visual enjoyment of each moment.

A movie that can count on its crazy trio played brilliantly by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter, giving content to a madness as captivating as it is disturbing. Simply a masterpiece.

  • A deliberately confusing trailer:

The Last Great Peplum: Gladiator


Faithful support of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman general Máximo is betrayed by the latter’s son, Commodus, who once in power condemns him to death. Managing to escape, the fallen general finds himself among the gladiators despite himself. A position from which he will prepare his revenge …


Ridley scott
, a great figure of the seventh art to whom we owe works of worship such as Alien or Blade Runner, he could not miss his appointment with the 2000s, and decided to take a hit. The result is an uppercut titled Gladiator, the effects of which are still being felt 21 years later.

Resuscitating a genre that has been neglected, the peplum, the director signs a fresco that not only gives all its meaning to the term “great show”, but also its visual mastery cannot be dissociated from the richness of its setting.

With musical themes that still ring in our ears, Scott indulges body and soul in excess with epic and grandiose scenes, as well as letting the deep feelings of his characters express themselves through more intimate moments.

A complete film, made of flesh and blood, embodied by an iconic duo. In the sand of the sand Russell crowe it’s just sweat and tears, where in the stands Joaquin phoenix lends its icy gaze to overwhelming and omnipotent power. Years pass, but Gladiator has not lost an iota of its power …

  • A trailer that always causes emotion:

The series that inspired so many others: The Office (US)


In a small paper factory, we follow the daily life of the office workers who have to endure the adventures of their boss every day, convinced that they are the most fun.


Let’s give Caesar back what is Caesar’s, The Office (US) is an adaptation of the English series of the same name created by Ricky gervais. But the popularity and success of the American version are such that it has long surpassed the original and remains in the minds of many as the one and only The Office.

A series that has inspired many others for its form (Modern Family cuckoo) and above all for its ironic tone. We navigate between scenes of a supposed Guignolesque, black humor and, sometimes, moments of discomfort caused by characters out of tune with their environment.

A spirit wonderfully incarnated by a Steve Carell as a selfish, whiny, toxic boss who laughs at both his ideas and the reactions they elicit from discredited employees.

The result is a general good humor, capable of making everyone become endearing without realizing it. Before we even know it, we eagerly await Dwight’s next drift or the formation of the Jim and Pam pair.

This is surely the greatest strength of The Office: trapping us in its networks without forcing anything, leaving us naturally in tears after the last episodes, when we did not believe we were attached to it. Low hat!

  • An excerpt that always makes us burst out laughing:

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