Netflix: 3 series and movies to have a good Christmas weekend –

CNET’s editorial team planned to revisit a Christmas song for the occasion, but since our inability was quickly revealed, we preferred to do what we do best: rummage through the Netflix catalog. to find three beautiful display gifts.

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Under this weekend’s streaming platform (SVoD) tree, we found a ton of recipes for our future Food Wars meals, enough to defeat Dracula and his vampires in Castlevania and finally, we learned the truth about the origin of Santa Claus thanks to Klaus.

What series and movie will you enjoy this Christmas weekend on Netflix?

An animated series that whets your appetite: Food Wars


Sôma is an apprentice chef who dreams of taking over the family restaurant. But to achieve that, he must first prove himself at the Tootsuki Academy, a school that trains the culinary elite. His particular style could well mark the world of gastronomy.

Why is she under the tree?

The mission, if you choose to accept it, is to try to make all the recipes that you will see in Food Wars. Because yes, the series can be a Japanese anime, each prepared dish can be played at home (search the Internet, you will see). And since the series is well done, you will even have the ingredients and the recipe explained. All that will be missing is your talent.

Food Wars not only takes the codes of shönen (manga for boys) to insert them in the kitchens, it is also a show that chooses to approach gastronomy in a quite realistic way with culinary challenges that would make Top Chef go through a contest for beginners . .

Through increasingly varied recipes based on different ingredients, different spices or even different preparation methods, the series manages to constantly renew itself and make us salivate. Perfect for writing down ideas to seduce your guests during the holidays.

Be careful though, chef’s hits are used to literally provoking taste enjoyment. Therefore, we do not recommend that you turn on the sound or your neighbors may look at you strangely. Let’s call it Japanese excess …

  • A flavor trailer:

A series that cuts your appetite: Castlevania


When his wife is burned alive, the vampire Vlad Dracula vows to make the people of Wallachia pay dearly. Demon hunter Trévor Belmont, sorceress Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, Dracula’s own son, try to foil their plans.

Why is she under the tree?

Inspired by the video game of the same name, Castlevania is a successful dive for Netflix into the world of adult animation. Because yes, with its constant deluge of hemoglobin, the series should not be put in front of all eyes.

True to the universe of the franchise while bringing its own mythology to the characters and creatures that inhabit this world, the show manages to renew itself throughout the seasons beyond its basic premise.

Not least because without skimping on the action, Castlevania continues to create a true story around its heroes and the tragedies that strike them. Whether they experience a cruel fate or what would seem more like a reprieve, the darkness accompanies them at every step and we end up convincing ourselves that no one is immortal, vampire or not …

If some plots end the spice, it cannot be denied that everything is at the service of global history, which is about a deep reflection on human nature. Are men monsters? Can monsters be men? Actions will depend on the answers …

  • A Blood Trailer for Season 2:

One of the best Christmas movies: Klaus


Jesper, an incompetent student at Letter Carrier School, is sent north of the Arctic Circle to a village where the inhabitants are divided into two camps and never miss a chance to go to war. Determined to do his duty to get out of this hell, Jesper uses the talents of an old secluded carpenter.

Why is it under the tree?

Klaus is like a grappling hook that grabs you and never lets go. Due to its old-fashioned animation, the film works as a kind of reminder of childhood, a kind of comforting cocoon that wraps us warmly.

But it’s through his script that Klaus really shines. Skillfully rewriting the myth of Santa Claus, the film is a shower of emotions that warms the heart as much as it moistens the eyes. We are struck by his never exaggerated humor and the tenderness that runs through the whole story.

Surprisingly original, given its subject matter, Klaus is a poetic, ambitious, rhythmic, and poignant tale from which one inevitably emerges in awe. It is a joyous story capable of moving anyone, of any age. A universal tale, like the character he puts on the scene.

Klaus is a gem that proves that when it comes to animation, Netflix is ​​already playing in the big leagues.

  • A trailer that reinvents the myth:

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