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In this rainy fall, settling down on your sofa to watch a good movie becomes almost a ritual on weekends. That’s good, the Netflix catalog is full of feature films that are worth seeing.

To guide you in the best possible way and advise you on our favorites, the CNET editorial staff has selected three nuggets for you. On the program: a trial, a dystopia and spies! Chicago Seven, The Sons of Man or Atomic Blonde will undoubtedly know how to make you spend pleasant moments.

Which top-rated movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

An Exciting Forensic Film: The Chicago Seven  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8/ 10

In summary

In 1969, seven men were charged with conspiracy and incitement to revolt by the US government. Activists from various militant groups opposed to the Vietnam War, they participated in and organized a demonstration on the sidelines of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The peaceful protest had turned into a confrontation with the police.

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Inspired by real events, Chicago Seven tells of a trial as interesting as it is incredible. Seven men, most of whom didn’t even know each other, find themselves accused of conspiracy by the Nixon administration. Each defendant represents a struggle of the time: students against the Vietnam War, hippies, Black Panthers …

This film is Aaron Sorkin’s second achievement after The Great Game (2017). Known for his instantly recognizable style, Sorkin is notably the man behind the scripts of the cult series To the White House or movies like The Social Network, The strategist and Steve Jobs. With this second passage behind the camera, it does not disappoint.

Long monologues and biting dialogues in a burst, the Sorkin style is there. The director even has an impressive cast: Sasha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mark Rylance, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II but also the incredible Jeremy Strong, far from his role as Kendall Roy in series Succession.

Yes Chicago Seven at a few funny moments, it is mainly due to the absurdity of the trial being told. Aaron Sorkin signs with this film, a committed work which shows the instrumentalization of justice by the American presidency. A historical fresco that resonates, moreover; with current events.

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A good anticipatory thriller: The Sons of Man  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8/ 10

In summary

In a futuristic society, in 2027, humans can no longer reproduce: no child has been born for more than twenty years. England has become a police dictatorship and Theo Faron is tasked by his ex-wife with escorting a young lady to safety. The latter is the most wanted person on Earth for a simple reason: she is pregnant.

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Alfonso Cuarón’s talent is well established. The Mexican director has received numerous awards throughout his career, including two Academy Awards for Best Director for Roma and Gravity. He also knows how to make intimate films in black and white (Roma) than to adapt sagas to global success like Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

With The Sons of Man, Cuarón signs an excellent dystopia and one of the best anticipation films of the 2000s. Here, the future is not filled with funny gadgets, it has been turned upside down by pandemics, attacks, pollution and massive immigration. The atmosphere is violent and the powerful have no mercy on the refugees. The film therefore also makes you think, because of the contemporary questions it addresses.

In addition to wanting to mirror our society, The Sons of Man stands out for its careful staging. The style, sometimes documentary, accentuates the impression of realism and immersion in this terrifying future. A masterful sequence shot by car, seven minutes long, is particularly remembered. Fans of science fiction and anticipation will find their account with this feature film, arguably one of Alfonso Cuarón’s best.

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A very aesthetic spy movie: Atomic Blonde  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7/ 10

In summary

Lorraine Broughton is one of the best spies in MI6, the British Secret Service. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she was sent to the German capital to settle a sensitive issue. On the spot, Lorraine knows it, she will not be able to trust anyone.

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Adapted from the graphic novel The Coldest City Antony Johnston, Atomic Blonde is a classic spy movie in its script, but also terribly gripping. The film is directed by a connoisseur of the genre, David Leitch, already behind the camera (in co-production with Chad Stahelski) for the thriller John wick.

Charlize Theron is more than convincing in the role of a British spy as gifted as she is ruthless. Its many fight scenes are choreographed with great style, including an impressive five-minute streak on a staircase. At his side, the Scotsman James McAvoy and the Franco-Algerian Sofia Boutella are just as good.

The hits of the 1980s and 1990s resound in the ears, the cold atmosphere of the day turns into colorful neon lights flashy at night … The style ofAtomic Blonde is its strong point. As entertaining as it is aesthetic, the feature film will appeal to fans of the genre. Besides, it must be admitted, Charlize Theron is terribly badass.

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