Netflix and Prime Video: 2 good movies and series to watch on Friday

How about watching a movie or series on Netflix and Prime Video tonight? At CNET, we publish daily recommendations for content seen and appreciated in the catalog of the two platforms of streaming.

Tonight, Warrior Nune and Gone Girl are the programs chosen by us. So, are you going to indulge yourself?

On Prime Video and Netflix, which movies and series to watch tonight?

An original series: Warrior Nun (Netflix)

In summary

Ava, 19 and quadriplegic since a car accident, grew up loveless in a Catholic orphanage in Andalusia. One day, the young woman dies under mysterious circumstances. As preparations for her funeral progress, warrior sisters tumble into the church where she lies and must face a malicious assailant.

To secure a magical artifact, a nun decides to hide the object in Ava’s body. It’s the start of a new life for her. Resurrected, she can now walk and has extraordinary powers. But with great power comes great responsibility. So Ava will have to give everything to fight the demons and protect the world.

What to think of this series?

It’s an understatement to say that we were skeptical before we started watching Warrior nun. With his pitch to say the least astonishing, it still smelled like “nanar” to the full nose … And yet, ninja nuns are ultimately better than that. Admittedly, the initial idea is a bit strange.

But past the initial surprise, we must recognize show certain undeniable qualities. It’s nowhere near as bad as some reviews have suggested. Already, the heroine is quite charismatic and sympathetic. The young Alba Baptista is solid and is obviously no stranger to the good impression left by her character.

Visually, it is also a good surprise. The sets, costumes and atmosphere work quite well. Warrior nun also knows how to be funny at times and capitalize on his atypism. On the other hand, the scenario is not always up to par and sometimes suffers from a lack of coherence that is difficult to conceal.

After a rather successful start, the series is also lost in a few lengths in the middle of the season. Nothing crippling, don’t worry. Finally, Warrior nun is a nice series. It is not exceptional, far from it. But if you’re looking for easy-going entertainment, this might just do the trick.

  • Here is the trailer for the series:

An Excellent Movie: Gone Girl (Prime Video)

In summary

Nick Dunne and his wife Amy are a model couple. The day of their five years of marriage, Amy disappears, and Nick finds their living room in a sorry state. Then begins a treasure hunt on a human scale, in which illusions and appearances reign supreme …

What to think of this film?

This adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel is titled Appearances in French, and that’s where it makes sense, even if Gone Girl associates mundane news item with detective mystery.

Lasting 2h30, the feature film succeeds (in the long line of films by David Fincher, the director) in making us lose all our bearings: from a seemingly simple affair (the word is really important), it reveals the twists and turns of a life, and by extension of a complicated society. The goal of Gone Girl, it is precisely to show the significance of this problematic of appearance, of illusion, and even of duplicity.

The excellent Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck play two characters as versatile as they are disturbing, a couple who act with a permanent mask to hide their true self. But what their art of manipulation reveals, in an ultra-media society, is how much appearances hold an important place in society.

This is not a scoop, but David Fincher, like his colleagues Cronenberg (Maps to the Stars) and Villeneuve (Prisoners) stages the situation with a coldness the result of which borders on unhealthy. You will come out of this film, if not suspicious, at least bewildered.

  • Below, watch an excerpt from this great feature film:

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