Netflix: here are the 2 films and series recommended by the editorial staff today

Because there are beautiful people on Netflix, is always happy to recommend the best movies and series on the service. But who are the lucky ones chosen tonight?

Cobra Kai and Baby Driver, two proven programs are our evening tips. As wacky as they are action-packed, they shouldn’t disappoint you if you decide to watch them.

What movies and series are we watching tonight on Netflix?

A sympathetic series: Cobra Kai


More than thirty years after suffering a humiliating defeat to Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence reopens the Karate Cobra Kai dojo.

A quick review

In the beginning, Cobra Kai looks at himself with a certain skepticism. See Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their cult roles as Karate kid has one side revival a bit old-fashioned. Big mistake to think so. In just two seasons, the series has convinced most of those who have taken a look. Its cheesy side? She makes it her screenplay.

We find two pathetic figures who try as best they can to reconnect with their aura of the past. Inheritance Karate kid ? Cobra Kai transforms it. The old villain becomes the endearing loser and the good guy the powerful undrinkable. Not to mention the many other figures from the original films also coming to confront the demons of the past. But Cobra Kai mainly talks about transmission and what the younger generation will retain from these ancient martial arts references.

We also salute the convincing cast, the very well choreographed fights and the accuracy of the writing. The show avoids defining good guys and bad guys, preferring to focus on the decisive choices of each and what the stars of yesterday will bequeath to those of tomorrow. At a time when the revival is fashion, Cobra Kai is a good example to follow. Roll on season 4.

  • Here’s a taste of the series:

An action-packed movie: Baby Driver


Baby is a driving ace who attenuates his tinnitus (result of a car accident) with music. He puts his talents at the service of a gang of robbers, led by the godfather Doc, but works to leave this world as quickly as possible, which he does after meeting and seducing a young waitress. But first, he is forced to put himself on one last blow …

A quick review

It is a project that was close to heart Edgar Wright, the director, and author of the trilogy. Cornetto (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The Last Bar before the end of the world). And if Edgar Wright doesn’t have tinnitus, we could swear that Baby, the main character, is his alter ego. Hyperactive, charismatic, creative, he energizes the film, which takes place at 100 miles an hour.

The high quality of Baby Driver, it is precisely his rhythm. With a very nice soundtrack, it even plays the synesthesia card, mixing music and colors, which makes it very pleasing to the eye and plunges us directly into the story. This is what sets it apart from other classic thrillers and detective films: all the characters seem adrenaline-fueled, the strongest surely being Bats, played by a Jamie Foxx on amphetamine (metaphorically).

There is also, in the hollow, a reflection on the endangering of a youth in a world of dangers, where there is no room for feelings. A very nice film that we strongly recommend.

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