Netflix hires former Overwatch producer to work on AAA FPS

Chacko Sonny, former executive producer of Overwatch and Overwatch 2, has taken over the Netflix game studio in Southern California. The goal of the American giant is to develop its video game department with the Triple A shooter and therefore compete with the big studios.

After working for Activision and Sony, Chacko Sonny spent five years at Blizzard from 2016 to 2021. He started his career in Irvine as a production manager for Overwatch. Two years later, he became an executive producer on Overwatch 2.

Today we meet a gentleman from Netflix whose goal is to keep growing and diversifying. Of course, it’s impossible to know which game we might end up with as it’s in its infancy. This AAA game should only be out in a few years.

Netflix has published a job description, which I invite you to find below.

We are looking for a creative and highly qualified Game Director to help us set the game direction and creative vision for a brand new AAA PC game. As a game director, you will be the creative director of one of the first generations of original games developed in-house by Netflix. You will provide the vision and direction for the game from the concept stage through to production, launch and launch of the game. The ideal candidate will demonstrate cutting-edge craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a high-quality, emotionally resonant, iconic and sincere performance. Our main goal is to create a great game that players would like to come back to again and again. You will be able to create, deliver and manage a game without any competing design restrictions due to monetization.

(…) This is the perfect time to join Netflix, which is committed to entertaining the world. We have over 200 million paying members in over 190 countries and we won’t stop there.

Netflix VP of Gaming Mike Verdu is, of course, proud to score such an element:

He could have done anything, but he chose to come here. You don’t bring people like that into your organization to create the next big thing in gaming unless it feels like we’re really here for the long haul and for the right reasons.

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