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We updated this article on 06/11, at a time when it is obviously still relevant. With the sunny days back and the freedom to go out more, you may be thinking about offloading one or more SVoD subscriptions. That’s good, the writing lists here the criteria to take into account to make the right choice.

Sometimes too much choice kills choice. You, maybe you just don’t like to choose, especially when it comes to streaming. Netflix, Prime Video, OCS, Disney +, Canal + Séries, ADN … you have subscribed to at least two of the platforms mentioned. Problem, you don’t know where to turn. You don’t have time, you can’t keep up.


And for good reason, the catalog of the various SVoD services is filled with a large number of films and series. In addition, new products arrive almost every week. And since the days are not stretchy, it is impossible to see everything.

So, very often, only one (or two) subscriptions is enough, especially if you like to “peck” programs, and not to watch them compulsively or to swallow as many series as possible.

Here is our guide designed to help the undecided “cumulators” to cut corners by canceling one or more subscriptions. It provides an overview of the main market offers, while listing the criteria that could tip the balance.

Which SVoD platform (s) to terminate according to your profile and your tastes?


  • The subscription to cancel if: you spend too much time for your taste in front of the many new features of the platform.

Ah Netflix … its heterogeneous catalog of films, series, documentaries, cartoons, reality shows, its position as the undisputed leader of the SVoD market, the novelties that pour in every week in its catalog … time, it is undeniable. And the colossal investments of the firm of Reed Hastings to offer more and more original creations are to be underlined.

In the evening after work or school, on weekends, during the lunch break … The SVoD platform quickly became a habit of consumption for many French people. To the point of becoming “Netflix addict“? Maybe. The platform has the best and most comprehensive catalog on the market. Traditionally, all the episodes of its new unseen series come out at once, which obviously encourages the binge-watching.

In short, you may have understood where we are trying to come from. Netflix isn’t exactly a natural fit when it comes to canceling a subscription. Even today, it is the benchmark for streaming, the most versatile and complete offer. Also the one where we spend the most time? Maybe, and that’s exactly what might make you want to cut ties.

To do something else, relax differently, cut ties with Netflix is ​​a solution like any other. Remember that the subscription is non-binding. You can cancel it at any time and there’s nothing stopping you from re-subscribing when the new season of your favorite series hits.

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Amazon Prime Video

  • The subscription to cancel if: you like series, but also original films. You are very attached to ergonomics and navigation comfort. You are not a regular customer of the Amazon e-commerce platform.

Prime Video remains Netflix’s main outsider, even as competition intensifies. Amazon’s platform is number 2 in the ranking, it has a plump number of subscribers in France and around the world. She has several great assets up her sleeve. Its price (5.99 € per month) to start, but also the other services included in the Prime subscription (streaming musical, audiobook, fast delivery of your orders …).

In addition, its catalog does not demerit, far from it. The very good original series are starting to pile up, like the integrals of iconic programs on the small screen. There are also some seventh art classics on display, which is always good to grab. On the other hand, Amazon is lagging behind on the side of original feature films.

If you like cinema as much (or more) than series, this is an argument to take into account. On Prime Video, the quality of the interface is also down. Less intuitive, more messy, less functional, it deserves a redesign.

Finally, let’s also add that keeping Prime Video makes perfect sense if you are a regular Amazon customer. As such, Prime Video is then only a bonus, alongside the other benefits included in Amazon’s premium subscription. If this is not your case, the subscription will be easier to cancel.

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Disney +

  • The subscription to be canceled if: you are not nostalgic for the animation classics of the Disney firm. You are not the most avid fan of the Marvel and Star Wars universes. You want to watch original creations in spades.

The arrival of Disney + in France on April 07 was eagerly awaited. Moreover, Mickey’s SVoD platform has had a success that cannot be denied. On the other hand, it has not necessarily convinced all users.

Main point of contention: its catalog. Rich in (almost) all Disney / Pixar classics, feature films Star wars and Marvel, its offer is the only one that brings together all these universes. Suffice to say that it is blessed bread for the fans, even if the last films released in theaters are not with the poster, chronology of the media obliges. Since February 23, the Star section is also available. It is an interesting addition to the Disney + catalog, it includes hundreds of more “adute” films and series.

Problem, today, Disney still relies a lot on its classics to seduce, even if there are more and more original creations in the catalog. The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, The Bad Batch, there are already some great series on the bill. But it’s still a lot less than the competition.

Also, if you are not among the most avid Disney, Marvel and Star wars, Disney + may not be the best deal for you. As such, it will therefore necessarily be easier to abandon than another.

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  • The subscription to be terminated if: you think you’ve been around the HBO series. Quantity is as important to you as quality.

OCS, Orange’s SVoD platform, is perhaps less well-known than its previously mentioned competitors, but it does not lack arguments for all that. Thanks to its partnership with HBO, it offers its subscribers most of the channel’s series. Westworld, The Wire, The Sopranos, Succession, Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, True Detective, Watchmen … as much to say that there are beautiful people.

That’s not all, these programs are embellished with other very popular series, a few well-felt original creations, and many films (great classics or recent releases).

However, if you’ve already seen most of the HBO productions and don’t particularly want to see them again, OCS is already losing some of its appeal. Admittedly, these are not the only contents of the catalog, but certainly the most numerous and the most emblematic.

In addition, OCS does not have the densest catalog to start with either. Remain a subscriber for other programs (films, series or documentaries)? The question then arises. Especially since it does not renew its catalog at the same frantic pace as Netflix or Prime Video.

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Canal + Series

  • The subscription to be terminated if: you want series and movies. Programs of all kinds, not just content intended for a “mature” audience.

Perhaps the least known platform in this guide. Canal + Séries is Canal’s new subscription streaming offer, launched after the “death” of CanalPlay in 2019. Between the original Canal series of excellent quality (Baron Noir, Validated, The Legends Office …), recent series deals with American partners (Showtime, Fox, BBC America) and other cult programs, there too there is a plethora of nuggets in the catalog.

As with OCS, it is less than elsewhere, but more than enough to take care of long hours. On the other hand, as the name of the service suggests, no feature films on the program, no Japanese animation, content for children … On your side, you may prefer to favor a less “nested” platform, with series, but also films and other documentaries on the bill. In this case, Canal + Séries may be the service you sacrifice.

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