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The ideal program for a successful Halloween evening is watching a good movie or a good horror series. But there are different degrees of horror and not all to your taste. So to help you choose, offers you a selection of movies and series available on the streaming platforms Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Canal+ (and myCanal) and OCS.

What movies and series to watch or watch in the stream to celebrate Halloween?

1/ On Netflix

The Spooky Ghost Series: The Haunting of Hill House


A shattered family struggles with chilling memories of their former home and the horrific events that took place there.


Adapted from Shirley Jackson’s book of the same name, The Haunting of Hill House is a series by Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep, Midnight Sermons) that invites viewers to visit the house on the hill, a house with a dark past. We then follow the narrative in two stages: on the one hand, the failures of the Crane family when they discover the secrets of this building. On the other hand, the present of Crane’s children, now adults, struggling with the ghosts of their past. The result is a drama series that is as frightening as it is compelling as it uses the horror genre to tell the story of characters traumatized by family drama.

  • Watch the trailer for The Haunting of Hill House:

2/ On Amazon Prime Video

Terrifying Clown Movie: It – Chapter 1


In the summer of 1989, often bullied children team up to fight a monster that changes shape and disguises itself as a clown to capture the children.


In this adaptation of Stephen King, a group of children are forced to fight their fears and the devilish clown who gives them life. With its effective production and amazing performance by Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, this is a horror film that we love that is based not only on a series of “frightening jumps” but also on a real story that needs to be told. The rest of the cast is just as effective, and the end credits make you want only one thing: to see what happens next.

  • Watch the trailer for “It”:

3/ On Apple TV+

Creepy Nanny Series: The Servant


A terrible loss separates a Philadelphia couple and allows a mysterious force to enter their home.


With its behind-the-scenes atmosphere and dark aesthetic, The Servant will make you rethink the idea of ​​hiring a nanny. The heart of the story is the story of a family that survived a terrible tragedy and never managed to cope with this grief in a healthy way. What follows is a series of events that plunge the Turners into a hellish spiral of torment and doubt. The viewer then becomes involved in the strange events that are happening to this family and is curious to know where they will lead them.

  • Watch the trailer for The Servant:

4/ On Disney+

Witch Family Movie: Hocus Pocus 2


The Sanderson sisters are back! 30 years after their first atrocities, three sisters escape their exile and once again try to sow unrest in the city of Salem. But this time, the three high school girls are determined to stop them.


You don’t have to watch the 1991 movie to appreciate this new Hocus Pocus opus, even if those unfamiliar with the Sanderson sisters’ first adventures will inevitably miss some of the references. The film is a consistent and hilarious sequel that is as timely as it is full of references to the past. We are enjoying the return of the three witches and are having a good time watching this movie with compelling special effects and a script that is certainly simple but entertaining nonetheless.

  • Watch the Hocus Pocus 2 trailer:

5/ On OKS

Series with a harrowing mystery: The Outsider


After a horrific murder of a young boy, a seasoned cop and unorthodox investigator must question their personal beliefs as a supernatural force intervenes.


Stephen King fans will be captivated by this polished adaptation that faithfully conveys an intriguing storyline. Throughout the series, the viewer is fascinated by the heavy and mystical atmosphere of the series, carried away by the fact that the narrative is revealed more and more interesting. With its small-onion cast, its gooey universe, and its supernatural side, The Outsider is a success that keeps viewers on their toes from start to finish.

  • Watch the trailer for “The Outsider”:

6/ On Canal+ and myCanal

Eternal Slasher: Scream (2022)


25 years after the city of Woodsboro was the victim of a series of brutal murders, a new assassin wearing a Ghostface mask attacks a group of teenagers determined to uncover the secrets of the past.


There’s nothing better for Halloween than watching a movie whose killer always asks his victims what their favorite horror movie is. If the complete Scream saga is available on Canal+, we recommend the youngest entry in the franchise because it closely matches the codes of the latter and horror films in general. Meta and clever in its approach to the horror genre, this new Scream brings back characters from Wes Craven’s film, paying homage to the latter’s work on the original film. A must-see for fans of “slashers” and the “Scream” saga.

  • Watch the trailer for the movie “Scream” (2022):

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