Netflix rachète Oxenfree Developer Night School Studio

Beefless Night School PS4 PS5 Studio 1

A new challenger has entered the ring: Netflix has acquired developer Oxenfree Night School Studio. Don’t worry though, work will continue on the sequel, which is scheduled for release on PlayStation 5 and PS4 next year. “Netflix offers movies, television and now game creators an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people,” said the developer. “Our explorations into storytelling and Netflix’s history of supporting multiple storytellers were such a natural combination. “

Netflix recently revealed its intention to infiltrate the games industry while looking for ways to expand its audience and, perhaps crucially, retain the millions and millions of members it has to offer, ” he recruited during the pandemic. One of the ways you plan to do this is by offering smartphone games to your subscribers.

“We will continue to work with developers around the world and hire the best talent in the industry to deliver a large collection of exclusive games designed for all types of players and all levels of play,” said Mike Verdu of Netflix. “Like our shows and movies, all of these games will be included as part of your Netflix subscription, all without ads or in-app purchases. Stay tuned for more. “

The acquisition wars are raging …

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